RIP Catherine Kassenoff – Divorce Mediation Is The Antidote To The Harm Of Family Court Litigation

RIP Catherine Kassenoff

So so sad…Have you heard about Catherine Kassenoff? Her story is a true example of the dangers of divorce litigation and dangers of family court reliance in navigating dissolution. She  succumbed to assisted suicide recently and in her own words she identified divorce court as the source of her pain and despair.

She wrote:

“In the last four years I have woken up every day to a nightmare like no other…I cannot survive this torment and grief that comes from such a prolonged separation from my children. The court system did this to me…It is a predatory system that functions in darkness.”

This makes me so sad. Far too many spend years and much of their savings and wealth battling their spouse in divorce court. It’s a cruel, unpredictable world where there are no guarantees that the truth will prevail, that right will defeat wrong.

It is truly tragic and that’s why I severed my litigation work more than a decade ago to become a full-time family law mediation attorney. A problem solver. Someone who helps families transition without the struggle, drama, chaos and sometimes overwhelming grief.

The Unforgiving Family Court System

This is a cautionary tale but the feelings expressed by Catherine are shared by many who find themselves stuck in divorce court. Peaceful transitions through expert mediation protects your family, protects yourself, protects your spouse, and protects your children.

The problem with divorce litigation is that the family court is so mercilessly treacherous and unpredictable that navigating the process to a successful outcome is the biggest bet you can make in your entire life. The family court system is beyond broken. And that is the belief of many who study the system.

The victims of this court focused attorney led divorce litigation system are the humans that rely upon it. Mothers and fathers who are relegated to part-time parents or even worse totally and entirely stripped from the lives of their children.  And these men and women pay for the pain as they fork over tens of thousands of dollars to the litigation system for attorneys and experts and parenting coordinators and others.

Divorce Mediation Protects Your Family From Divorce Court Chaos

As divorce mediation attorneys who do not litigate cases, we offer couples a path forward outside of court. Divorce without going to court through divorce mediation allows couples to work out solutions, to consider creative ideas and discuss in a healthy setting the ways they can settle the problems of divorce without battling each other. By addressing these issues in a collaborative mediation setting to help craft a custody plan that fits your family and the needs of your children, you can reduce the stress and conflict and uncertainty that awaits those in family court.  With the help of mediation, you and your ex-partner can work together to create a plan that is fair, realistic, and focused on your children’s best interests.

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