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San Diego Divorce Mediation & Family Law is proud to serve the Rancho Bernardo community.

As mediators, we’re committed to providing a controlled, safe and respectful environment for parties to craft tailor-made agreements that resolve their disputes through a fast and dignified process. We foster thoughtful communication between parties so that they can move forward in their lives and reduce the financial and emotional costs of litigation.

We offer several services in addition to Rancho Bernardo divorce mediation and family law, including premarital agreements, divorce financial analysis, parenting plans and more. Since we are mediators and not litigators, our focus is always on creating the best possible outcome for everyone involved.

Advantages of Choosing Our Mediation Process

Voted best divorce attorneys in San Diego, our team at San Diego Divorce Mediation & Family Law, our divorce attorneys specialize in mediating a wide range of family law matters, including divorce, same-sex divorce, child custody, property division, spousal support, child support, premarital agreements, marital agreements, and domestic partnerships. Our approach ensures that each case is handled with the utmost care and professionalism, tailored to the unique needs of our clients.

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Rancho Bernardo divorce mediator

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As an expert Rancho Bernardo divorce mediator, family law attorney and Certified Divorce Financial Analyst, I’ve helped countless couples reach mutually agreeable solutions to their divorce proceedings.As a skilled communicator who listens to each party’s concerns and helps them find common ground, I am deeply committed to helping couples maintain respectful and productive dialogue. This allows them to work through their issues constructively. 

I have dedicated my career to dispute resolution and am fully committed to helping couples save time and money by choosing mediation over litigation. As a result, clients achieve the best possible results and often save tens of thousands of dollars and months of effort.


Experienced Divorce Mediation Guidance for a Smooth Transition
Scott Levin, a Point Loma divorce mediation expert, is a champion of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). He prioritizes preserving emotional and financial well-being while crafting agreements that consider everyone’s needs.
Tailoring Solutions Through Collaborative Problem-Solving
Mediation empowers divorcing couples to work together in a private setting, with the help of their own experts, to reach creative solutions that benefit their families. As a seasoned Point Loma divorce mediator and certified mediator (CDFA), Scott Levin can guide you through the entire process. This includes filing necessary paperwork, mediating contested issues, and drafting a Marital Settlement Agreement to finalize the divorce. Even if you’ve already started court proceedings or hired lawyers, mediation can still save time and money.

-Scott Levin, Chief Peacekeeper

Local Ties To Rancho Bernardo Community

With deep ties to the Rancho Bernardo community, our firm is a member and featured divorce expert for the local North San Diego Chamber of Commerce.  We have also been named and awarded numerous recognitions including being named San Diego’s top attorney by San Diego Metro Magazine

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.1 ~ From your home in Rancho Bernardo, drive to the entrance of the 15 South freeway at either Bernardo Center Dr or Rancho Bernardo Road. 

2 ~ Stay on the 15 freeway south for 4 exits until you come up to Carroll Canyon Road just beyond the Mira Mesa Move Theatre. 

3 ~ Once on the exit for Carroll Canyon Road, stay in the left lane and take the left at the light. You will immediately come upon the entrance to the office where you will see a great sushi spot called Todo Sushi, a Subway and a beautiful office building with ample parking.  

4 ~ Park and come up the elevator to suite 410 where you’ll be greeted with coffee, soda, sweets and a smile.  

Get directions from Rancho Bernardo to our San Diego Divorce Mediation & Family Law office here.  For directions by phone or to schedule a consultation to speak with our lawyer mediator about a La Jolla divorce, call (858) 255-1321