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Irvine Divorce Mediation LawyerIn need of a family law mediator near you in Irvine, CA? Do you want an affordable family law attorney who is the best rated divorce mediator in California according to his client testimonials? 

Scott Levin is a California Family Law Mediation expert helping families divorce peacefully and amicably throughout Southern California including in our Irvine community. There are so many benefits to seeking a no court uncontested divorce in California with our firm and dedicated professions. 

Orange County and Irvine Mediator for Divorce Services

As the leading expert mediators for divorce in the Irvine community, Scott Levin specializes in managing all aspects of divorce.

Scott Levin has been a family law attorney for two decades as well as a divorce financial expert planner known as a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst. 

With this expertise, our services include everything you will need from legal and financial matters to emotional support.

We provide a secure environment for couples to come to agreements with honesty, integrity, and mutual respect. Our team of compassionate and highly educated professionals assists divorce clients in Irvine throughout the entire process, guaranteeing fair and sustainable resolutions that fulfill the needs of all parties involved.

With our unique combination of CPAs and life transition coaching, our specialized services are designed to address complex situations. You can trust us to guide you through your divorce journey with empathy and expertise.

la jolla divorce mediation“As a long-time member of the Irvine community, I am committed to assisting couples in Irvine with mediating their divorces to save both time and money. With a focus on compassion and care for your future and your children’s well-being, I offer flat-fee divorce attorney services to help clients achieve fair settlements. As a specialist in family law dispute resolution, I help my Irvine clients protect their children and establish amicable co-parenting agreements, steering clear of costly and drawn-out litigation processes. Transition into your future with a more peaceful and less stressful divorce process. – Scott Levin, Chief Peacekeeper™

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How Marital Mediation Works

Our firm encourages couples having trouble with issues of control and power (i.e. money, use of time, etc.) to use mediation to reach a legal Agreement addressing those issues, thereby strengthening the marriage or other relationship.

In our Orange County mediation process the couple jointly hires our firm as their mediator, not their lawyer or counselor.

During a series of meetings the couples work on their own time and with the mediator to identify their own issues and develop a mutually satisfactory plan to address them, including exchange of financial information and whatever sharing of control and responsibility they consider best for them.  Both are free to consult with a lawyer, financial planner or other advisor at any time. 

Once an Agreement is reached, the mediator will write a draft of a Marital Settlement Agreement for each spouse to review with his or her advisor before signing.  The Agreement is approved by the Court and is enforceable at all times in the future.


Marital mediation works only if the couple is willing to make a good faith effort to reach agreement.  There is no legal obligation to agree.  Any commitment to mediation and to make the resulting Agreement work comes voluntarily from the couple.


The process of negotiating and writing a legal Agreement can change behavior in the relationship.  Just identifying what the couple is arguing about is itself healthy.  Children thrive in the absence of parental conflict.

Why Choose Family Law and Divorce Mediator Scott Levin

California divorce mediation lawyer services can help your family divorce peacefully. Attorney Divorce Mediation specialist Scott Levin is the top rated divorce attorney in San Diego and he offers couples an option to divorce through mediation with the help of an experienced attorney. Scott founded San Diego Divorce Mediation & Family Law to offer affordable, child-centric and compassionate family law firm alternative to the divorce litigation firms which perpetuate conflict and harm families. With Scott as your neutral mediation attorney, you can get a fair and balanced divorce settlement through a process that prioritizes your needs and the best interests of your family.  

Our firm also offers clients a divorce financial expert which means that we can help Irvine residents with complex financial assets achieve a mediated divorce settlement. San Diego Divorce attorney Scott Levin can help mediate divorce in Irvine California regardless of how complicated your case is, whether you face a divorce with a narcissist, have high net worth and many financial assets to divide, or a complex child custody situation. 

Scott Levin is able to  help mediate for Irvine and Orange County family law and divorce issues. Scott files cases routinely in the family law court for Irvine. Contact us to schedule a free consultation to learn how the mediation process will help your family move forward the right way featured member
Certified Member Of The Academy Of Professional Family Mediators
Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA)

What is the Cost of Divorce Mediation in Irvine?

Scott Levin offers a flat-fee model for our clients. And so clients know what they will pay us for the entire service which is another way we help ease tensions. The flat-fee ranges averages less than eight thousand dollars but can be lower if your situation doesn’t involve children or property or if you have already agreed on many things. 

Read our divorce client reviews to see that we genuinely work with couples to offer the most affordable mediated divorce service possible.

Benefits of Irvine Divorce Mediation Attorney Expert Scott Levin

  1. You can derive a range of benefits from divorce mediation, and the clearest example is that it allows you to lower the tension and conflict.
  2. Mediation allows for solutions to be explored early on in the process so you get answers to where you’ll live, how much money you’ll have, what’s going to happen with the kids, etc. Rather than feeling helpless in a  long, drawn-out legal battle, mediation solves problems and moves people through quickly.
  3. When you set your sights on mediation, you set the stage for direct creative and thoughtful negotiations which allow you to be heard and your spouse to have their voice and time as well.
  4. The mediation process affords couples the space they need to make sound decisions that support their financial needs and priorities through a collaborative respectful effort.
  5. Mediation allows you to keep the details of your divorce private. Court proceedings, on the other hand, are a matter of public record.
  6. Mediation can save you both time and money.
  7. Mediation helps take the edge off divorce, which can be especially helpful for those going through gray divorce.
  8. Mediation ensures that you and your divorcing spouse retain decision-making authority over primary concerns that directly affect your lives – rather than turning to a judge to make them for you.
  9. Mediation is far less formal than going to court, which can help both of you feel more comfortable with the process.
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