San Diego Prenup Attorney

San Diego Prenup AttorneyIf you are planning on getting married, you and your future spouse may want to at least consider signing a prenuptial agreement, which can protect your interests in the event of a divorce. Even if you do not think such a document is the right fit for you, discussing it will at least get you thinking about the effect your marriage will have on your finances.

Our San Diego prenuptial agreement attorney can help you decide if a prenuptial agreement is the right fit for you, and can draft and negotiate one on your behalf. We can help evaluate the benefits of a prenup agreement given your situation. Many people in San Diego have significant assets such as businesses and property which they wish to protect, and premarital agreements, also known as prenups or prenuptial agreements, can be a wise choice. To explore how to get a prenup in San Diego county, contact us to explore whether a prenuptial agreement is right for you.

A Prenuptial Agreement Can Protect Your Assets and Minimize In Advance the Costs and Acrimony of a Potential Breakup

We are no strangers to sudden wealth here in San Diego, California, whether it is in entertainment, technology, telecommunications or real estate. It is important that you think about how this money is classified before you get married to prevent lengthy disputes in the event of a divorce. It is not that couples who enter into premarriage or “prenuptial” agreements are predicting dissolution. Rather, before any disagreement arises, they wish to state their intentions clearly and to create a mutually acceptable framework that assures a level of predictability.

As experienced family law attorneys and trained mediators, we believe that couples are always better off by jointly determining their relationship circumstances through premarital agreements rather than having outcomes imposed on them by strangers, after the fact. Many clients report that having a clear understanding of their rights and obligations through these agreements reduces any anxiety and enhances the health of the marriage. Clients opt for these agreements for a variety of reasons: many have suffered through an earlier dissolution, have children to protect, or have been affected by the shadow of someone else’s high conflict divorce. They wish to minimize in advance the costs and acrimony of any potential breakup and to secure basic rights and protections. Our experienced San Diego prenup attorney can help you develop a prenuptial agreement with your future spouse that accomplishes all of the objectives.

Unfortunately, most of the time prenuptial agreements are not collaboratively reached and that’s a problem. Typically, one party hires a lawyer to draft the proposal, and the second party reviews it with their counsel and what transpires is that the parties don’t discuss or evaluate their interests in a safe facilitating environment. As mediators, we believe that parties are best served by developing mediated premarital agreements that allow parties to openly discuss the issues in a safe environment, talk about the things they don’t understand, and in the end create agreements that are tailored to fit their family. Once terms are reached, both parties must have independent counsel review the mediated premarital agreement and so they still benefit from the traditional model as well.

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