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Searching for a divorce mediator near La Jolla, CA? Do you want an affordable family law attorney to help with your divorce? La Jolla Family Law Mediator Scott Levin is an expert helping families amicably divorce without going to court.  

la jolla divorce mediation“As a La Jolla resident for many years and graduate of La Jolla High School, I am dedicated to helping couples in La Jolla mediate divorce to save time and money. As a family law attorney with compassion and care for your futures and children’s well being, my clients achieve fair settlements with my flat fee divorce attorney services. As a family law dispute resolution specialist, my La Jolla divorce clients can protect their children and reach amicable coparenting agreements to avoid the expensive and never ending litigation process. Move into your future with a less stressful amicable divorce process.” ~ Scott Levin, Chief Peacekeeper™

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La Jolla Divorce Mediation

La Jolla divorce mediation lawyer services can help your family divorce peacefully. Attorney Divorce Mediation specialist Scott Levin is the top rated divorce attorney in San Diego and he offers couples an option to divorce through mediation with the help of an experienced attorney. Scott founded San Diego Divorce Mediation & Family Law to offer affordable, child-centric and compassionate family law firm alternative to the divorce litigation firms which perpetuate conflict and harm families. With Scott as your neutral mediation attorney, you can get a fair and balanced divorce settlement through a process that prioritizes your needs and the best interests of your family.  

Our firm also offers clients a divorce financial expert which means that we can help La Jollans with complex financial assets achieve a mediated divorce settlement. San Diego Divorce attorney Scott Levin can help mediate divorce in La Jolla regardless of how complicated your case is, whether you face a divorce with a narcissist, have high net worth and many financial assets to divide, or a complex child custody situation. 

Scott Levin is able to  help mediate for La Jolla family law and divorce issues.  Contact us to schedule a free consultation to learn how the mediation process will help you achieve a divorce settlement w challenges of traditional divorce through the courts. 

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Benefits of La Jolla Family Law Mediation Expert Scott Levin

1 ~ Flat Fee Divorce Saves Money: Mediation is a cost-effective option compared to the high expenses associated with court battles. By avoiding lengthy litigation, you can minimize legal fees and preserve your financial resources for the future.
2 ~ Reduce Stress and Avoid Emotional Pain: Divorce is a challenging time, but mediation aims to minimize emotional distress. By focusing on open communication, collaboration, and understanding, we help you navigate the process with respect and empathy.
3 ~ Collaborative Teamwork: Mediation encourages cooperative problem-solving rather than adversarial conflicts. With our guidance, you and your spouse can work together to find mutually beneficial solutions, promoting healthier post-divorce relationships.
4 ~ Protect Children: Shield your children from the negative effects of contentious courtroom battles. Mediation provides a safe environment where parents can reach agreements peacefully, ensuring the well-being of their children.
5 ~ Positive Example For Kids: Choosing mediation demonstrates a commitment to resolving conflicts in a peaceful and respectful manner. By setting a positive example, you inspire others to consider alternative dispute resolution methods for their own separations.
6 ~ Reduce Time: Our streamlined process completes in just two months, much faster than a litigated divorce which takes an average of two years. Spend more time moving forward with your life.
7 ~ No Court Visits: Say goodbye to the stressful courtroom experience. Mediation allows you to resolve all aspects of your divorce, from property division to child custody, without stepping foot in a courtroom.

How to Get to San Diego Divorce Mediation & Family Law from La Jolla, CA

Driving Directions 

1 ~ From La Jolla Shores, take Torrey Pines Road to the freeway entrance for the 52 East.

2 ~ Stay on the 52 freeway for about 5 minutes and just beyond the Convoy exit you will see the entrance to the 15 North freeway. 

3 ~ Once on 15 North, continue until Carroll Canyon Road exit. 

Turn right off the exit and make your first right hand turn to park in the parking lot. 

Park and take the elevator to the 4th floor and open our office door at Suite 410. 

Get directions from La Jolla to our San Diego Divorce Mediation & Family Law office here.  For directions by phone or to schedule a consultation to speak with our lawyer mediator about a La Jolla divorce, call (858) 255-1321

What We Love About La Jolla

La Jolla Local Scott Levin 

Our founding attorney Scott Levin grew up in La Jolla close to the Mt. Soledad Veterans Memorial featuring the large white cross. Scott attended La Jolla Elementary, La Jolla Country Day for middle school and is a proud LJ Viking and graduate of La Jolla High School. His parents operated the “Bible” of La Jolla known as the La Jolla Blue Book, an LJ 92037 niche business directory and fixture in La Jolla homes since 1937.  

La Jolla Beaches

For beach fun: Scott recommends La Jolla Shores, Windansea Beach which is just west of Nautilus Street, and the world famous Black’s Beach  located at 2800 Torrey Pines Scenic Drive, La Jolla, CA 92037. 

La Jolla Events

The La Jolla Concours d’Elegance is an event rich with historical and cultural significance to La Jolla. Not only does this event call together car aficionados from all over the world to appreciate classic automobiles in the pleasant climate of the city called the “Jewel by the Sea”, it is also one of the few car concours in the world able to rival the famous Concours d’Elegance antique car show at Pebble Beach. Any fan of classic cars would be able to tell you that the latter is quite the herculean feat to accomplish. 

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