Mission Statement

San Diego Family Law Attorney

Your peace is our purpose

It is our mission that through neutral, professional and competent mediation services, we are committed to helping parties resolve their disputes.

By creating a controlled, safe and respectful environment, we aim to enable parties to craft tailored agreements to resolve their disputes as quickly and dignifiedly as possible.

To reduce the financial and emotional costs of litigation, we strive to foster thoughtful communication between parties. It is our mission to minimize the negative effects of divorce by facilitating win-win cooperative agreements between the parties.

Specifically tailored parenting plans can be developed by our mediators cases involving children, taking into consideration the needs of minors. To minimize the negative effects of divorce on children, we help parents develop cooperative co-parenting skills. By facilitating a dignified separation, our clients exit the process on a path that positively affects their post-separation interactions.

Let us help you & your family move forward