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Mission Statement

Mission Statement

We are committed to helping parties resolve their disputes through neutral, professional, and competent mediation services.

Our goal is to provide a controlled, safe, and respectful environment for parties to craft tailor-made agreements to resolve their disputes through a fast and dignified process.

We strive to foster thoughtful communication between parties so that they may move forward in their lives and reduce the financial and emotional costs of litigation. Our mission is to minimize the negative effects of divorce by enabling the parties to move beyond conflict to achieve win-win cooperative agreements.

When children are involved, our mediators and co-mediators can assist participants in developing parenting plans that are specific to their family, and sensitive to the actual needs of minors. In these scenarios, we aim to help parents develop cooperative co-parenting skills and minimize the negative effects of divorce on their children. By facilitating a dignified separation, our clients exit the process on a path that positively affects their post-separation interactions.

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mission statement