Divorce mediation in Orange County has been a proven process since the 1970s. A mediated divorce settlement in many cases results in a favorable outcome for both parties negotiated collaboratively in a private setting, and saves incredible amounts of time and money.

Call us today to speak with an experienced Orange County divorce mediation attorney. 

With decades of legal and mediation experience, the professionals at our divorce mediation firm are here to help you separate in the healthiest and least stressful manner possible.

Our clients reach settlements without going to court and instead choose to reach a negotiated settlement with the help of our trained neutral mediator’s help. Our work is designed for clients to reach creative thoughtful resolutions without having to fight in court.

Divorce Mediation In Orange County 

Serving all of Orange County, California, our divorce mediation attorneys are the leading experts for uncontested divorce.  We empower our clients to make informed decisions throughout the divorce process.

Our Orange County divorce mediation lawyers are here to navigate the complexities of your divorce proceedings with ease and confidence. 

Scott Levin has been a family law attorney for two decades as well as a divorce financial expert planner known as a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst.

With this expertise, our services include everything you will need from legal and financial matters to emotional support.

We provide a secure environment for couples seeking agreements with honesty, integrity, and mutual respect. Our compassionate and highly educated team assists divorce clients in Orange County, CA, guiding them through the entire process to achieve fair and sustainable resolutions that address all parties’ needs.

Uncontested Divorce Mediation in Orange County: Attorney Mediator Committed to Conflict Resolution

We are proud to provide Orange County divorce mediation and family law services. 

As mediators, we’re committed to providing a controlled, safe and respectful environment for parties to craft tailor-made agreements that resolve their disputes through a fast and dignified process. We foster thoughtful communication between parties so that they can move forward in their lives and reduce the financial and emotional costs of litigation.

We offer several services in addition to Orange County divorce mediation and family law, including premarital agreements, divorce financial analysis, parenting plans and more. Since we are mediators and not litigators, our focus is always on creating the best possible outcome for everyone involved.


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Orange county mediation Attorney

Family law attorney Scott Levin is a dedicated mediation specialist and is the most 5-star reviewed mediator in California.  With Scott as your neutral mediation attorney, you can get a fair and balanced divorce settlement through a process that prioritizes your needs and the best interests of your family.

Our firm also offers clients a divorce financial expert which means that we can help Irvine residents with complex financial assets achieve a mediated divorce settlement. San Diego Divorce attorney Scott Levin can help mediate divorce in Irvine California regardless of how complicated your case is, whether you face a divorce with a narcissist, have high net worth and many financial assets to divide, or a complex child custody situation.

"As an expert Orange County divorce mediation family law attorney and Certified Divorce Financial Analyst, I've helped countless couples reach mutually agreeable solutions to their divorce proceedings. I am deeply committed to helping couples maintain respectful and productive dialogue. This allows them to work through their issues constructively.  I have dedicated my career to dispute resolution and am fully committed to helping couples save time and money by choosing mediation over litigation. As a result, clients achieve the best possible results and often save tens of thousands of dollars and months of effort."

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