Qualified Domestic Relations Orders

Qualified Domestic Relations Orders
Qualified Domestic Relations Orders

Qualified domestic relations orders — QDROs — are orders that recognize an alternate person’s interest in and right to receive a stated portion of benefits under a retirement or pension plan. In short, a QDRO can divide retirement benefits after divorce and this is something that Scott Levin, CDFA, and his mediation experts prepare routinely for all of the following retirement plans:
401(k) plans
403(b) plans

During your mediation, you can count on our services to prepare the QDROs for any type of retirement benefit. We will get your QDRO processed through the retirement or pension administrator which can be the most challenging component of creating a successful QDRO.

Our office can assist those using our mediation services for the entire divorce action or those who just engage us to prepare the QDROs. So if you are using attorneys or other mediators to handle your divorce action, we can still help you by preparing the QDRO and taking care of just this one service for you.

At our San Diego divorce mediation offices, we will help you reach the fairest, efficient and cost-effective agreement so that you can move forward with your lives. One such example of this is getting your QDRO set up correctly and processed right away at the lowest possible cost. Contact Scott Levin, CDFA for advice on Qualified Domestic Relations Orders. Send Email or telephone: (858) 255-1321.