Parental Alienation And Co-Parenting If A Child Rejects A Parent During Divorce

Parental Alienation And Co-Parenting During Divorce

In this video attorney mediator Scott Levin talks about parental alienation which is when a child rejects a parent during and after a divorce.

Joined by Cathy Himlin of Family Connections Therapy, Inc., this talk is about the reasons this occurs and solutions to help children and families. At San Diego Divorce Mediation, we are a firm of mediation attorneys who no longer litigate. Rather, with our 20+ years of family law experience, we have found and deeply believe that divorce should be child-centered and making decisions that are tailored to your child’s best interests and needs. A core benefit of divorce mediation and why it’s the best option for most couples is because it helps to calm things down to minimize tension for child custody discussions by getting solutions agreed upon quickly and early on, while also allowing couples to come up with creative solutions for custody that are tailored to their kids wellbeing.

When alienation occurs and one parent who wants to parent is not being allowed to by a child, we suggest seeking out guidance from a mental health expert trained and experienced in this niche field and to educate yourself beyond the legal process about your options for bridging the gap and finding solutions.

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