San Diego Divorce Mediation Lawyer

San Diego Divorce Mediation LawyerSan Diego Divorce Mediation Lawyer Means A Healthy Divorce 

What is a Divorce Mediator?

San Diego Divorce Mediation Lawyer, Scott Levin, knows the prospect of ending your marriage can be devastating, but divorce proceedings don’t have to be traumatic. Divorce mediation is an affordable alternative to litigating in court for resolving all family law issues before, during, and after the divorce or legal separation. Both parties meet with a trained, impartial family law mediator to resolve issues in a confidential setting

San Diego Divorce Mediation Lawyer, Scott Levin, is an expert in the Alternative Dispute Resolution process that strives to preserve the emotional and financial resources of the family while achieving an agreement that considers and respects the welfare of everyone in the family. The divorce mediation model provides divorcing parties the opportunity to problem solve in a private, confidential setting, with the help of their experts, to reach a creative settlement that meets the needs of their family.

As an experienced San Diego divorce mediation lawyer and trained neutral mediator, Scott Levin, CDFA can help divorcing spouses file the necessary paperwork to start the divorce action, mediate contested issues, and prepare a Marital Settlement Agreement to finalize the divorce. If the divorce is already in progress, or if the parties have already retained counsel, parties can still save time and money by turning to mediation to complete the job.

Advantages of Mediation Over Litigation:

The Mediator’s Role: