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San Diego Family Law Attorney

San Diego Family Law Attorney

San Diego Family Law Attorney

Family matters can be very intense. There are a lot of emotions that go through the members of a family when they are going through a divorce or separation. Disagreements on child support and visitation rights also lead to disputes. When you are facing a family problem or issue, it can be quite helpful to seek help from
San Diego Family Law Attorney. A family law attorney can also help you when you need a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement. Mixing your emotions with the legal aspects of different issues can be very intense.

A San Diego Family Law Attorney will help you achieve the most favorable and satisfactory outcome for all members of your family. This will help you get on with your lives with minimums stress, uncertainty, and disruption. You will no longer continue to worry about your future and future of your loved ones. A San Diego Family Law Attorney fully understands that the matter that is affecting you and your family members is not just a legal issue. He/she know that you are all real people, with real needs. real problems and real feelings and expectations.

Although we have a deep understanding of family law, we truly care about our clients. That is why we will use our knowledge, skills, and experience to ensure that we help you get the best settlement. We will help you find the best solution to the problem you are facing. We respect your feelings and desires and that is why we are going to help you get exactly what you want.

We know how to negotiate and to help our clients find the best solution to their problems. We know that family matters can emotionally drain you. That is why we are going to support you in every way possible. We are friends with expertise in a variety of issues related to family law including financial accountants, psychologists, social worker educators etc. We will work with the experts to ensure that you and the member of your family get the most effective legal solution. Feel free to contact us today if you need the services of a San Diego family law attorney.

When you got married you believed that everything would work out and you would both stay together forever. Unfortunately, it just hasn’t worked out that way and now you are dreading the idea of going to court for a long, drawn-out and expensive divorce.

It’s true that many divorces litigated in court take months, or even years, and are very stressful and costly. If children are involved, 30 years of research points to the same stubborn truth – kids suffer emotionally from their parents’ divorce. What if you could minimize the trauma by moving on in a way that is not bitter, doesn’t take months or years and won’t cost you your life’s savings?

If you are open to getting a divorce without the need to go to court and “fight it out”, then you have reached the perfect place. Mediation San Diego has been working with couples to end their marriages on their terms and in less time and less expense than if they were to go to court. You can get out of a marriage that you don’t want to be in and end your marriage, provide for your children and create parenting and visitation plans that work so that you can leave your spouse without losing all of your savings and assets in a costly legal battle.

Child Support:
How much a person pays in child support depends principally on how many children there are, and how much money each parent earns. Because Child Support is governed by statutory guidelines, parents can often quickly come to an agreement on a plan. It can get more complicated when incomes fluctuate or when unique circumstances are present.

Mediation is well suited to resolve child support disputes, whether they are simple or complex. Circumstances often change as children get older and mediation has also proven to be very well suited to resolve child support modifications. In all circumstances, parents can enter into private agreements tailored to their particular circumstances and by controlling the process, it’s possible to agree to provide for child support that is higher or lower than what a judge would order in a litigated divorce.

Child Custody & Visitation:
Creating a parenting and visitation schedule can be tough. While they almost always want what is best, it’s not irregular for parents to disagree on plans for their children. It can be challenging to go from seeing your child every day at home, to seeing your child on certain days and times and creating a new home and a new space for them, and for yourself.

As an experienced San Diego family law attorney and trained mediator, Scott Levin, CDFA can facilitate and encourage parents to agree on parenting plans and long term goals that satisfy the best interests of their children. Mediation is confidential and parents are given an opportunity to open communication and air their concerns in a safe and private environment.

Property Division:
There is no magical formula for dividing property acquired by the parties during their marriage. It isn’t surprising that the division of parties’ community assets is one of the most significant and difficult issues in dissolving a marriage or domestic partnership.

In Mediation, you and your spouse make all the decisions that keep you both in control of your divorce or legal separation. So rather than lawyers and judges dictating your property division to you, in mediation you are able to craft a tailor-made -make division that is agreeable to both parties.

Spousal Support:
Whenever there is a significant disparity in income and in earning potential, one spouse may need to support the other spouse. Such support comes by many names—alimony, maintenance, and spousal support. Litigating spousal support claims in the court system can very easily lead to costly and intrusive trials that entail extensive discovery including depositions, interrogatories, and forensic accounting.

Mediation once again allows the parties to control the outcome by tailoring the terms of their agreement. There are many common-sense and creative solutions that can be employed to solve support disputes that courts simply cannot order.

Parenting And Decision Making:
Whether you are married or not, at the time of separation you will need to consider how decisions will be made for your children. When parents learn to communicate and work together in the care of their children, the children are better off. Our team of experienced family law attorneys and trained mediators will help you contemplate how decisions will be made concerning:
◘ Health
◘ Education
◘ Religion
◘ Extracurricular Activities
◘ Special Needs
◘ Relocation
◘ Other issues concerning your child