5 Reasons to Choose Mediation With Scott Levin

divorce mediation with scott levin

Legal disputes can ruin a company, a family or an individual. They are costly, not only financially, but personally and emotionally.

Divorce mediation, the alternative to litigation, is a process in which an impartial and trained professional helps people resolve legal disputes voluntarily, without litigation. Successful mediation lays the groundwork for collaborative, non-confrontational problem-solving and preserves relationships that are meaningful to you.

Scott Levin is the Top Rated Divorce Mediation Lawyer in San Diego

Divorce mediation is a process that requires the assistance of an experienced mediator who is capable of facilitating effective communication between you and your spouse.

Scott Levin is an expert mediator who has years of experience helping couples navigate the complex process of divorce mediation. Providing exclusive mediation services for family law matters, he does not ever represent a single divorcing spouse against the other in a traditional litigation setting.

Here are 5 reasons why you should choose Scott Levin as your mediator:

Deep Understanding of Court Processes

As a family law attorney since 2004, Scott served clients as a litigator for many years and has a deep understanding of the court process as a result. During his career as a litigation attorney, in-house corporate counsel, business owner and alternative resolution professional, Scott gained a passion for helping individuals and groups define and realize their preferred outcomes and in doing so focused his efforts on negotiating agreements that benefit all parties.

Since serving solely as a mediator since 2012, he has mediated hundreds of divorces over the years, making him a trusted and experienced professional in the field of divorce mediation.

Unique Financial Understanding

As a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA) and someone who has owned numerous startups, Scott brings a unique understanding of financial issues to help clients.

If you and your spouse own a business together, have significant assets, or don’t know how to form a budget post-divorce, then a Scott who is CDFA is probably a good choice for a fair and equal settlement.

Customized Approach

No two divorces are the same, and Scott Levin understands this.

Most mediators and attorneys have become accustomed to using a “one size fits all” approach rather than making adjustments from case to case but Scott tailors his approach to suit each couple’s specific needs and circumstances.

Mediators need to make an initial assessment of the dispute and suggest the appropriate methods to be used. Scott knows that improvising is needed in response to the behavior of the parties or the information that they present. It is impossible to anticipate everything that the principals may say or do, and Scott is always ready to make adjustments.

Saves Time and Money

Scott’s approach to mediation is designed to help you save time and money compared to litigation. You will not have to spend years in court or pay exorbitant legal fees.

A five-hour mediation may cost less than $5000. Meanwhile, to issue a court claim worth between $10,000 and $100,000, the cost is 5% of the claim’s value. The cost also does not include the hourly rate that the solicitor charges, which may vary based on the solicitor and their experience level.

Typically fees are split between couples in mediation further reducing fees and eliminating unnecessary attorney and court fees.

Passion for Peacekeeping

After years of experiencing the destructive “win-lose” litigation structure facing divorcing couples, Scott Levin chose to put clients first and has developed a successful practice that fosters innovative solutions and mutually agreeable resolutions through collaboration, communication and cooperation.

As a full-time divorce mediator since 2012, he is incredibly proud of this choice to focus just on mediation to help clients resolve disputes and help clients in a way other mediators cannot.

scott levin chief peacekeeper

Begin the low-stress process with Scott F. Levin, Esq, at San Diego Divorce Mediation. You’ll have access to flexible options, including virtual meetings. Reach out today to schedule a free consultation and see the difference mediation can make. By choosing mediation, you can save time, money, and emotional distress, while maintaining control over the outcome of your divorce.