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Same Sex Mediation Attorney

Same Sex Mediation Attorney

LGBTQ Divorce Mediation: San Diego Same-sex Marriage Lawyer Mediator

The law governing same-sex unions has continued to change throughout the United States, and California’s laws are no exception. At San Diego Divorce Mediation & Family Law, we offer experience in navigating these shifting waters. Our experienced lawyer mediator provides peaceful marriage dissolution services during which Scott Levin will represent both parties as a mediator.

Under current California and federal law, there is no longer any difference between same-sex marriage and opposite-sex marriage. Accordingly, same-sex marriage must be dissolved in the same manner as an opposite-sex marriage. The same laws apply, and you must obtain a judgment of dissolution in the same manner as an opposite-sex couple.

All couples have unique situations and thus there are still a unique set of challenges in resolving problems in gay and lesbian marriages. Same-sex couples have issues not faced by traditional relationships. We know how to handle the obstacles that may occur during the course of same-sex legal separations, termination of domestic partnerships, and divorces.

At San Diego Divorce Mediation & Family Law, we will help you resolve your same-sex couple cohabitation, domestic partnership, divorce, or custody issues in a sane, sensible, and fairway at a reasonable cost. The experienced and caring staff at San Diego Divorce Mediation and Family Law have the knowledge and experience to assist clients in same-sex divorce and domestic partnership dissolution cases. To learn more, please call us today at (858) 255-1321 or use our online form for email correspondence.