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San Diego Divorce Mediation Credentials & Certifications

At San Diego Divorce Mediation, Scott Levin, CDFA and our team of mediators are deeply experienced in helping clients navigate the maze of complex legal, financial and emotional issues surrounding divorce. Our professionals hold advanced degrees and maintain extensive San Diego divorce mediation credentials including some of the most highly regarded designations in the industry.

Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA)

Institute for Divorce Financial Analysts
Scott Levin is a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst which is a rare and difficult certification to achieve. It means that we specialize in divorce financial planning and analysis to help individuals achieve favorable settlements and secure their financial future. To become a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA), candidates must successfully complete three exams and a comprehensive case study on the financial, tax, and legal issues of divorce and possess at least three years of qualifying work experience. The CDFA is issued by the Institute of Divorce Financial Analysts, the premier national organization dedicated to the certification and education of financial professionals in the divorce arena. Founded in 1993, the IDFA provides specialized training to accounting, financial, and legal professionals in the field of divorce financial planning.

Certified Member of the Academy of Professional Family Mediators

APFM’s members are the few full-time peacekeeper dedicated to the profession of family law mediation. Scott benefits from his association through ongoing training and monthly networking opportunities with other full-time mediators during which these experts exchange ideas about cases and keep up-to-date on the newest trends.


Member & Speaker at VESTA Divorce Events 6 Times Per Month in La Jolla and San Diego

San Diego Divorce Mediation CredentialsVESTA is an incredible organization that is working to redefine divorce and help people approach the process in the best way for their longterm interests. Scott feels incredibly lucky to have been selected by VESTA as the exclusive mediator for 6 of their monthly meetings in La Jolla, Mission Valley, and Rancho Bernardo. VESTA vets the top-rated professionals and then approaches these professionals to serve in their free educational seminars. These seminars have been incredible to be apart of and Scott encourages everyone to look up the VESTA website and find when the next event is taking place. Be sure to introduce yourself to our founder Scott Levin, CDFA when you go. Again these events are free, top legal, financial and other divorce experts speak and answer questions and you should be going if you are thinking about divorce.

University of Virginia School of Law

San Diego Divorce Mediation CredentialsWe can’t not mention that when you engage our firm, you will be working with folks who attended the top schools in the nation. University of Virginia School of Law is where Scott Levin, CDFA attended and it’s ranked in the top 7 of all law schools in the county. This isn’t a humble brag but there are few others in the family law community who received a top legal education.  Call to learn more about our San Diego divorce mediation credentials

If you would like to work with top legal minds who are exclusively dedicated to the family law mediation profession and who can help you understand the finances of your divorce, please give us a call today and speak with Scott Levin, CDFA about the process and your circumstances. We can also help mediate with things beyond divorce, for example, we are the top prenuptial agreement expert in San Diego.