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There is no way that I could have survived the most difficult year of my life without Scott. Not only did Scott skillfully navigate my reluctant and skeptical ex-husband and I through our divorce, but he maintained a high-level of professionalism and patience throughout the entire process. Most importantly, we were able to retain more of our hard-earned money, because using a mediator is a more cost-effective method than hiring separate attorneys. If both spouses are committed to working together to have the best possible divorce, then Scott is the go-to mediator. Overall, Scott is knowledgeable, caring, and will work with both parties to obtain the best possible outcome!

Rhonda U

Scott ia an amazing mediator, he works with compassion, responds quickly, and keeps you updated on your case. He explains everything in detail and listens to what you have to say. He works with you with a high level of professionalism.


Scott Levin helped my husband and I go through the divorce mediation process without ending up with attorneys. He helped change around our Marital settlement agreement several times to fit our needs. The process with Scott was quick and efficient. I would definitely recommend Scott Levin for divorce mediation services.

Freda B

Smooth and painless. Highly recommend to anyone going through a divorce and wants to try mediation before the alternative.

Paul P

I had to use Scott’s services in order to create our MSA and finalize my divorce with my soon to be ex-wife. We were in the middle of Covid and Scott made himself available to answer all my questions. He acted with professionalism and knew how to find the right words to ease the tension. I would recommend Scott to anyone like me who is in the divorce process.

Fabien U

I contacted Scott after being reading positive online reviews, and I’m very glad I did. I asked him for a second opinion on family law matters and I got back very knowledgable and insightful advice. Getting his input was probably the best decision I made in the mediation process. I appreciated how responsive he was to emails and setting up calls, even when the weekend was coming up.
I could tell that he truly cared about his work, and I wouldn’t hesitate to use his services again in the future.

Keegan D

During a difficult time, we had a great experience with Mr. Levin and his team. It went fast, it was affordable and we both got a fair deal. I recommend highly!

Barbara C

He possesses a compassion that is rare
Scott had all of the qualities that we needed and he did a great job of helping to resolve a very difficult situation. He possesses a compassion that is rare and both parties felt like he truly listened to our positions until he understood what we were trying to say. His demeanor and objectivity was invaluable to us and exactly what we needed in order to successfully mediate a difficult separation.

Diane H

You made all the difference
Thank you so much for helping to navigate us through a very difficult time. Your generosity and guidance ultimately made it possible for me to put aside my concerns and move forward with my divorce …You made all the difference.

Laura S

He kept us focused on the end goal
Mediating a divorce is very difficult when both parties can’t stand each other and kids and a sizable estate is at issue. I decided to give it a shot after Scott explained that mediation is really a smart business decision due to all the time and money savings that are possible. I didn’t care about the emotional benefits and the other hippy-ish things he mentioned. I was very skeptical and still am so surprised that we actually completed the entire process with his help. He kept us focused on the end goal and no matter how many times we tried to derail the process, his common-sense approach and creative solutions for custody and asset division made all the difference in the world. Thank you.

David T

We worked as a team
We went to Scott before we got married for a prenuptial agreement. We worked as a team, my now husband and I along with Scott, to come up with a fair agreement. Having to be in the same room with him to negotiate this was scary but with Scott’s laid back style, we were able to do this and the experience brought us closer. It was a win-win.

Michelle W

We can’t wait for our upcoming wedding
My Fiance and I went through 2 other lawyers and then thank goodness found Scott to help us with our prenuptial agreement. For anyone going through a prenup, it’s not fun- i highly encourage mediation and Scott was effective, reasonably priced and most importantly got us to the finish line! We are now excited that this is past us and we can’t wait for our upcoming wedding

Eric B

Highly recommend working with Scott
I went to see Scott after reading positive reviews online. My partner and I sat down with him to share information and review our options. He was extremely helpful and knowledgeable and answered all the questions we had. He was NOT interested in just making his money and seeing us separate. He was very genuwin in making sure we knew how serious this was and the consequences of separation. Highly recommend working with Scott if you are unfortunately deciding to separate.

Lance C

Scott lends his expertise
Scott is the consummate professional and I highly recommend his mediation services! He has a natural ability to connect and put people at ease, which comes from years of experience. Scott lends his expertise by providing thoughtful discussion on how to best address the WHOLE family’s needs. It is apparent he genuinely cares about creating a smooth process in what are inevitably difficult circumstances.

Stephanie F

His ability to work with other professionalsScott is a professional and caring meditator that understands the many nuances to divorce. His ability to work with other professionals such as financial advisors, real estate agents, mortgage professionals and divorce coaches allows him to paint the most accurate picture of a couple’s situation. I refer all of my contacts to him for mediation.

Tanya A

Scott is a highly skilled mediatorScott is a highly skilled mediator. He has integrity and cares about his clients. I highly recommend Scott if you are in need of a divorce, legal separation or paternity matter. You will save a lot of time, money and stress!

Laura R

Scott is trustworthy
Scott is trustworthy and a great guy. I would recommend him to any friend, family member, or client.

Steven G

He is kind and Ethical
Scott is a Professional in all aspects of how he conducts his business. He is kind and Ethical and connects very well with all personalities. I highly recommend Scott.

Rodrigo B

He was nice and casual and offered us a great alternative to litigationWe visited Scott and his co-mediator Diane for divorce mediation after starting with two lawyers in litigation. We hadn’t gotten anything done with the attorneys other than blowing through lots of money and we came to Scott for help. He was nice and casual and offered us a great alternative to litigation. We both went to see them over 4 sessions and finalized an agreement. I really think they care for people and are passionate about their profession. Thank you!

Fred D

He also is friendly and personableScott is very bright and genuinely wants to help people achieve a good outcome. He also is friendly and personable, but “firm” enough to get the job done.

Adam W

He really does a great job
Scott is truly dedicated to the best outcome for the family of his clients. He really does a great job of helping set up a successful life after marriage for all parties involved. Highly recommend.

Chad H

Scott was a pleasure to work withScott was a pleasure to work with. He is very thorough and quick to respond

Sandra J

Scott is the best!
Scott is the best! His attention to detail and personalized service made everything a very smooth process. Thank you!

Debbie A

Very dedicated to the quality of his workScott is an exceptionally caring and competent professional. Very dedicated to the quality of his work. Highly recommended

Jason L PsyD

Great service
Great service and attention to detail.

Domenico C

Scott is very knowledgeable
Scott is very knowledgeable , easy to talk to and a delight to work with!

Barbara A

His demeanor, patience and expertise is invaluable for dealing with tough and delicate situationsScott is extremely knowledgeable and dedicated to his profession. His demeanor, patience and expertise is invaluable for dealing with tough and delicate situations, which ultimately helps his clients to find fair solutions. Scott is a true professional and I highly recommend his services.

Bobby G

He is very smart and has such a great personalityScott has a very compassionate way of handling sensitive subjects regarding the law. He is very smart and has such a great personality!

Mary L

Scott is both a solution-oriented family attorney Scott is both a solution-oriented family attorney and an absolute expert in resolving disputes. He understands the needs of everyone at the table, and makes sure that everyone is happy with the ultimate resolution.

Jacob R

Extremely professional and fairExtremely professional and fair. Got the attention that we felt we deserved and a settlement outcome that everyone was satisfied with.

Jason B

Amazing people and great serviceAmazing people and great service… highly recommended!

Joseph B

We would trust him with anythingScott is very experienced and we would trust him with anything!

Ainslie F

Scott Levin and his staff keep the focus on the priority Scott Levin and his staff keep the focus on the priority – the children, and, at the same time, help bring resolution to a very emotional and stressful situation. Thank you!

Brandon O

I highly recommend working with ScottWorking with Scott was so easy and provided much relief in a highly volatile situation, he was able to diffuse some heat, manage the logistics with ease and in only a few short meetings we were able to make profound progress. I highly recommend working with Scott, he is a great listener, excellent mediator and has plenty of tools to work with a wide variety of clients. I urge you to pursue working with Scott over litigation it saved time, money and I couldn’t be happier with my decision. Thank you again.

Lauren K

His kindness really helps in difficult situationsI went to Scott with a friend who unfortunately is going through some difficult times. Scott is an excellent mediator. He’s smart, understanding..and most of all, he listens. His kindness really helps in difficult situations. Highly recommended!

Jessica S

He is customer service centered and intelligentScott is compassionate and informative. I trusted his calm disposition to take me through the highs and lows and mediation. He is customer service centered and intelligent. Thank you Scott!

Madelyn H

Loved that! I think Scott and Laura are very compassionate and knowledgeableWe finalized our divorce this month and worked with Scott and Laura about 6 months ago. We wanted to end the marriage with some dignity but there were a lot of emotional and financial disagreements. We felt like we could blow up any moment before we actually started the mediation sessions but our communication improved after the very first mediation session and then only got better with the next 3 appointments. We were able to come up with a settlement which Scott drafted for us and filed with the court. We met at 6:30pm for each of our meetings and so that was convenient. And I loved that they had a woman and a man mediator in each session to even out the room. Loved that! I think Scott and Laura are very compassionate and knowledgeable and I am glad that I finally got around to leaving them my thank you.

Kayla D