Everything You Need to Know about Uncontested Divorce Paralegal Services in San Diego

how to get divorced without going to court to save money

Are you considering a divorce in San Diego but don’t know where to start? Look no further than our San Diego divorce paralegal services. Utilizing our services for a San Diego paralegal is a cost-effective and efficient way to file for an uncontested divorce.

This blog post will provide an overview of the uncontested divorce process in San Diego, the benefits of using a paralegal service, and how to find the right paralegal for your needs. Understanding the ins and outs of uncontested divorce can help individuals make informed decisions and navigate the process more smoothly.

Understanding Uncontested Divorce

An uncontested divorce is a type of divorce where both parties come to voluntary agreements on all major issues, such as child custody, division of assets, and spousal support. In this situation, couples can benefit from using uncontested divorce services to simplify the legal process and minimize conflicts.

The cost of obtaining legal representation has skyrocketed. The high costs of a divorce lawyer in California that it doesn’t make sense for most people. What are you to do when you want a divorce but can’t afford legal fees? The answer is to avoid divorce litigation and opt for the so-called friendly divorce.

 Uncontested Divorce Near San Diego, CA

Our firm handles uncontested divorce near Clairemont San Diego, CA and serves clients through a friendly divorce in two key ways. Firstly, if needed, mediation attorney Scott Levin will help you figure out the settlement terms. If you already believe you have a settlement figured out, we will make sure you’ve thought about all the issues and provide ideas for how to handle anything not already discussed prior to our discussion. We provide valuable guidance even when couples believe they already have figured things out and simply need help with the paperwork.

Secondly,  we assist in preparing the necessary legal documents, ensuring that all required paperwork is completed accurately and in compliance with court rules and regulations. By drafting and filing all of the necessary court forms  and legal documents on your behalf, you will save a lot of time and frustration by not having to go to court or worry about this work. 

Benefits of Using Paralegal Services for Uncontested Divorces

Uncontested divorce services offered by our firm’s team of mediators and paralegals can help simplify the process and minimize conflicts between parties. Our expertise in family law allows us to provide valuable advice and support to individuals seeking a smooth and efficient divorce process. And our clients navigate the potential complexities of divorce with confidence and ease and without ever going to court. Divorce without going to court by utilizing our paralegal services for your uncontested divorce.  

Uncontested Peaceful Divorce Without Lawyers

Despite the difficulties in a marriage and relationship, clients seeking paralegal services often are friendly and share a common interest in protecting and ensuing the well-being of their children. The advantage of the friendly divorce with a neutral facilitator includes the couple  being able to maintain a positive relationship despite the dissolution of marriage. The goal of these coparents and parties will not be met by hiring lawyers in the context of adversarial representation.

The adversary system works by emphasizing the differences between the litigants, and by advancing each litigant’s wishes by attacking the merits of the other’s position. In order to work as designed, divorce litigation actually polarizes the divorcing couple. Whereas the cost of divorce mediation on the cheap and other alternatives save costs and sustain relationships.

Working with our Uncontested Divorce Paralegal Service in San Diego

By utilizing our San Diego uncontested divorce services, individuals can save time, money, and reduce stress during this difficult time. These services typically take only a few weeks to complete and the flat fee cost is very reasonable and affordable. We also will help negotiate child custody and support agreements and do so with the skill and expertise of a law firm. So you’ll benefit from an amicable discussion of settlement options as well as the preparation and filing of court forms for the entire divorce


If you need legal help with filing a divorce but don’t need the full services of a lawyer or mediator, contact us for our San Diego paralegal services. Send Email or telephone: (858) 255-1321 or schedule a free paralegal consultation.