How Can a Divorce Mediator Help You?

Now that you’ve decided to get a divorce, moving forward and considering your different options is the next step. You probably already know that children benefit from divorce mediation and that it is also a faster less expensive alternative than litigated divorce, but have you thought about the actual difference between hiring a lawyer for your divorce and working with a mediator?  Understanding what divorce mediators do can help you make a better-informed decision and prepare you for the next step.

Help to Identify and Address Sources of Conflict

Many people who have gone through an attorney-driven divorce realize that somewhere along the line, they forgot what they were fighting over in the first place.  When you’re unclear on what you want and what could be holding you back, it’s difficult to make progress which means you’ll spend more time and money stuck in limbo, which is a huge disadvantage of divorce litigation. This is where mediators come in – they specialize in identifying the sources of conflict that are causing the most friction between couples, and then helping to develop constructive ways to overcome that conflict so a fair divorce agreement can be reached.

Facilitate Effective Communication

If you’ve ever watched a couple of attorneys in action, you know what kind of battle can ensue; litigated divorce often ends up being more about the fight than it is about the actual settlement. Mediation takes the opposite approach by encouraging both parties to work together, not against one another, and fostering honest and productive communication. The more you and your spouse communicate your needs and wants, the more you’ll achieve and the sooner you’ll reach a settlement.

Cover all the Bases

Before the divorce begins, it’s important to think about what matters most to you when all is said and done – is it your kids, your assets, the fairness and equality of the settlement, or making sure the bills still get paid? It can be tough to do this on your own, so part of the mediator’s job is to help you identify those issues and prevent something from getting left out. In a litigated divorce, it’s up to the lawyers and judges to decide what is and what isn’t important; meaning someone else is in control of your life and your assets. With mediation, you remain in control and you can be confident that what matters most to you will be addressed.

Help Couples Reach a Middle Ground

It isn’t surprising that those who are in the process of a divorce or even considering it, are having difficulty communicating. When you can’t communicate effectively, you can’t compromise, and nothing will get decided. That’s precisely why mediation is so helpful – when you work with a neutral third party experienced in divorce mediation, both you and your spouse will be guided towards an effective compromise. That middle ground will become the foundation for your final settlement, something you both had a hand in creating.

Provide an Affordable & Peaceful Way to Divorce

Regardless of how emotional or upset, you may feel about the divorce, arguing about it in court isn’t going to get either of you the resolution you want. You could end up with a legal battle that goes on for years and a hefty stack of legal bills. With the help of a great divorce mediator, you’ll save all of that time, money, and stress and end up with a more positive result.

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