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What is divorce mediation San Diego

What is California Divorce Mediation

Over 630,000 American couples pursue divorce each year, and many are afraid rather than relieved. They’ve heard horror stories about the process of going to court and expect to have their rights stripped away without their consent. If they have children, they may worry about what will happen to them and if they’ll suffer as a result.


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Many struggling couples don’t realize they have divorce options beyond heading straight for the courtroom. In fact, the mediation process can be a faster and more satisfying alternative. You’ll have a voice in the conversation and won’t have to fear a judge’s decision.

Read on to learn the answer to “What is divorce mediation,” and decide whether it might be the right option for you.

What is divorce mediation San Diego

What Is Divorce Mediation?

When your relationship begins to reveal signs of divorce, your first instinct might be to contact a divorce lawyer and head for the courtroom. In divorce mediation, you work with an experienced individual (sometimes an attorney) who acts as a mediator. Instead of beginning in conflict, you’ll make decisions through discussion.

Mediation is a divorce option that ensures both parties get to contribute to decisions, allowing more room for conversation and compromise. This is particularly important when making decisions about children, ranging from custody arrangements to child support.

What Can You Decide During CA Divorce Mediation?

Couples with or without children can benefit from the mediation process. Typical decisions include issues such as:

  • Homes and property
  • Banking and investments
  • Life insurance
  • Tax issues

If you do have children, you can expect your mediation to involve decisions that support their best interests. An experienced mediator can help bring up topics you may not have considered. For example, who pays for summer camp, orthodontia, or college?

Benefits of Divorce Mediation in San Diego

Mediation might seem intimidating if you’re in active conflict with your spouse. Remember, a trained mediator will be present to help you navigate emotional, complex conversations. Sometimes a bit of passion can even help you express your priorities clearly!

Other benefits of choosing to mediate include:

  • Maintaining relationships
  • Less overall conflict
  • Allows you to maintain control
  • Often more efficient than going to court
  • Greater level of self-respect
  • High level of specificity

The length of the process depends on the specific issues you need to make decisions about. A couple with no children and few assets can often settle fairly quickly. Complicated financial or custodial situations may take longer.

The mediation process results in a Memorandum of Understanding. You can then give your document to your attorney. It will serve as the basis for your separation and, ultimately, your uncontested divorce.

Mediation will require you to reframe the conversation from “me” to “we.”  As your mediator, we will support that shift

Your Divorce, Your Decision

What is divorce mediation? It’s a faster, kinder alternative to hiring an attorney and settling in the courtroom. You’ll personally contribute to every decision, eliminating fear, especially if you have children.

You can begin the low-stress process with Scott F. Levin, Esq, at San Diego Divorce Mediation. You’ll have access to flexible options, including virtual meetings. Reach out today to schedule a consultation and see the difference mediation can make.