San Diego Divorce Mediation – The Benefits of an Ugly Divorce

Benefits of an Ugly Divorce

You’ve all heard of it: the ugly divorce where couples attack one another and use shady tactics to get what they want. Sometimes it’s actual dollars and cents. Other times it’s issues that have little value except that it has an emotional impact. In short, it’s a divorce where the couple is trying to “one-up” each other instead of focusing on getting divorced.

In truth, there are no benefits to an ugly divorce. Fighting dirty will prolong the divorce which is a waste of time, a waste of money, and it’s emotionally exhausting. It’s far better to negotiate the terms of your divorce rather than fight every step of the way.

Who Benefits from an Ugly Divorce?
At the end of the day, the only people who benefit from a drawn-out, ugly divorce are the lawyers who will charge you for every scheme you create and implement. Sometimes you may feel a sense of satisfaction knowing that you got the last “dig”. But the moments of joy are short-lived especially if your Ex retaliates with more underhanded tactics.

Who Suffers from an Ugly Divorce?
Divorce is never easy but it gets a lot worst if you play dirty. The people who suffer the most are probably your children and other family and friends who get caught in the crossfire. Children can be traumatized seeing their parents attack one another. Friends and family are forced to pick sides. Children are taught to disobey or hate the other parent… it’s unkind, it’s not helpful, and it doesn’t need to be like this.

Don’t Fall for the Bait
When it comes to an ugly divorce, don’t take the bait. This is not the time to get even or time to expose your Ex’s faults. Instead, take the high road and try to stay on task, the task of getting divorced.

Make a list of what needs to be resolved. Focus on these issues and don’t let your Ex’s shady tactics rattle you. Prioritize your list and be ready to let go of the items that are not top-priority issues. If you are having trouble, hire a divorce lawyer who specializes in mediation to help you navigate divorce with a narcissistic spouse. . Find a lawyer who understands your desire for a fair divorce without the drama.

Scott Levin is a Family Law attorney who can schedule and contact to amicably divorce with as little drama as possible. Scott is a divorce mediator and knows how to get people to the table to discuss issues. Please contact Scott by Email or telephone: (858) 255-1321 for more information on how to take the high road during divorce.