How To Take The High Road During Divorce Video With Chief PeaceKeeper™ Scott Levin & Kimberly Sandstrom

How To Take The High Road During Divorce With Chief PeaceKeeper™ Scott Levin & Kimberly Sandstrom

Because divorce mediation involves a transactional event (“I give you this if you give me that”) and an emotional event (“you hurt me” or “I am afraid”) it is easy to understand how the interaction between the two events might cause someone, intentionally or not, to choose a lower road. Choosing the lower road is a natural instinct and reaction. But it’s reactions and the act of reacting out of emotion that can cause you to experience an elongated and painful high conflict divorce. That is something nobody wants and we promise you that everybody loses in a high conflict 3-year expensive divorce.

Why take the high road in a divorce? Taking the high road:

  • Allows you to be the “good guy” (nobody ever wants to be the “bad guy”);
  • Preserves your dignity and is respectful to your spouse;
  • Benefits your children;
  • Results in a more satisfying, mutually beneficial agreement; and,
  • Costs less money.

To help you understand the value and importance of taking the high road, as well as to implement a strategy for taking the high road during a divorce, Scott Levin speaks with Kimberly Sandstrom about her tips and tricks for doing just this.

Where does the saying taking the high road derive from? Watch this video. How is it even possible during a divorce to take the high road when your soon-to-be ex-spouse isn’t? Watch this video.

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