Scott Levin: Enhancing Legal Skills Through Teaching

Scott Levin California Community Property Professor

Benefits of Teaching California Community Property Law

Attorney Scott Levin shares how teaching California family law courses to law school students enhances his legal expertise, benefiting clients with improved knowledge and skills. Scott is as an adjunct professor of community property law at Western Sierra Law School in Oceanside, San Diego. Scott is sharing personal thoughts on the transformational experience of teaching.

Attorney Scott Levin Improves Legal Knowledge by Teaching at Law School

I have had the good fortune of practicing as a family law mediation attorney in San Diego, CA for more than 10 years. I’ve worked in major international law firms and own my own law practice. Every day, I use my extensive knowledge of law, business negotiation and mediation to offer my clients high-quality mediation services. Recently, I embarked on a new legal journey — one as a teacher. I began teaching community property law at Western Sierra Law School this year and I can say with truth that teaching is one of the greatest “teachers” in life. Because through this experience as an adjunct professor, I believe with certainty that teaching has made me a better lawyer and a more skilled mediator.

Community Property Legal Expertise and Knowledge

One of the benefits of teaching community property to bright and motivated San Diego law students is that I learn alongside my students. Teaching requires me to be an expert in my subject area (i.e., community property law). I study emerging trends, stay current in the law, and continue building my deep understanding of California community property law. Not only is this a benefit to my students, but it also helps my clients and prospective couples seeking divorce mediation.

Better Communication with Clients

Law students are like clients — they are eager to learn, but they do not (yet) have the knowledge and experience with the actual law. While I’ve had deep-rooted legal knowledge of California community property law for many years, teaching the subject and law requires I simplify legal explanations so they can be grasped by students. This, in turn, has helped me explain the law and its nuances to my clients in a way they can more easily understand. This builds trust and saves time (which, in turn, helps clients save money).

Managing Diverse View Help Role as Facilitator

A big part of teaching involves understanding the diverse backgrounds and perspectives of students. While the California law we study is static, their own experiences and biases give each of them a different perspective on those laws. This exposure to students and their backgrounds and approaches fosters empathy and the ability to see issues from multiple viewpoints — an essential skill in mediation. As a mediator, I’m able to appreciate the emotions my clients face, which in turn, helps me facilitate more meaningful and productive discussions.

Teaching Improves Time Management Skills

Benjamin Franklin once said that “if you want something done, ask a busy person.” Teaching law school is a time commitment. And as a testament to Mr. Franklin’s statement, teaching has helped me perfect my time management. Between the preparation, commuting to class, teaching the class and corresponding, I dedicate at least 13 hours each week toward teaching community property in law school. With my job as an attorney and managing partner of my law firm — as well as being a good husband and father to our three kiddos — finding this time would only be possible if I really wanted to commit to teaching. It turns out that I really love teaching! That love has helped me not only be a better manager of time but has given me a renewed sense of appreciation for my work as a divorce mediator.

Scott Levin Family Law Expert: Best Lawyers Teach Law School

My journey as both a seasoned family law attorney and an adjunct professor has been immensely rewarding and transformative. Not only has teaching community property law reinforced my legal expertise, but it has helped my mediation practice and allowed me to better serve my clients with greater understanding and efficiency. I look forward to continuing to help shape young legal minds while also learning so much myself and bringing that knowledge into practice every day.

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