Coronado Divorce Mediation Services

How to navigate the divorce process near Coronado, CA to save time and money? As an expert mediator in California, attorney Scott Levin and our team offer top mediation assistance near Coronado island.

We can help you experience the benefits of mediation instead of enduring a lengthy court battle. Mediation process is a peaceful way for couples to work together when they are separating. It promotes compassion and collaboration. Negotiate a mutually acceptable divorce settlement for property division, spousal support, child custody and all the issues of divorce.

What is the Cost of Mediation near Coronado, CA? 

Save money with flat rate Coronado mediation specialists. Awarded best San Diego divorce attorney we offer a flat fee structure instead of expensive hourly attorney fees. We typically save clients 80% with our mediation costs by offering affordable flat fee divorce. 

Why Choose Divorce Mediation in Coronado?

With the median home price at $3M in Coronado*, divorcing can be a challenge when it comes to figuring out how to divide the assets.

Read more client reviews and testimonials here. 

Scott Levin is a Chief PeaceKeeper™ who helps couples in Coronad Island, California with complicated break-ups. He is a lawyer, mediator, and CDFA with many five-star reviews. He helps families navigate divorce without going to court or experiencing emotional turmoil.

Scott is a marriage mediator in Coronado, CA. He helps couples, military families, same-sex couples, and families with businesses in Coronado, California. He specializes in divorce mediation that requires a delicate approach.

Dedicated to Amicable Divorce Mediator 

Coronado divorce mediation encourages couples to consider all their options carefully throughout the divorce process. It prioritizes respect and understanding, even when the decision to divorce has already been made.

For example, a recent client chose to attend a counseling session with their spouse. This open communication led them to the mutual realization that they could no longer be married.

By choosing mediation over a rushed legal battle, they opted for a more thoughtful and respectful path forward. This careful approach recognizes the couple’s history and focuses on the best interests of children. 

In essence, Coronado divorce mediation empowers you and your spouse to work together to create a fair and amicable outcome for everyone involved.

Coronado Divorce Common Questions

Q: Is the Coronado Divorce Mediation Less Stressful Than Litigation? 

A: Coronado families divorcing through mediation will experience a peaceful atmosphere, reducing emotional strain for you and your children during a tough period.

Q: Does Child Custody Mediation Help Us Co-Parent After Divorce? 

A: Mediation focuses on finding solutions that benefit both parties, helping to improve the relationship after divorce. Collaborating and working to find mutually acceptable solutions for dispute resolution, we help achieve  a friendly divorce and separation process for Coronado families.

Q: How to Divorce Without Hurting Kids?

A: The primary reason that our family law attorney near Coronado Island focus on mediation instead of litigation is because we care about your kids. Custody mediation is about crafting parenting agreements which co-parents create and build together. Co-parents are able to consider children’s needs in making a parenting plan. The collaborative nature of the process reduces the harmful effects of divorce on children in and near Coronado, Little Italy, and San Diego County. 

Q: How Long Does Marriage Mediation Take?

A: On average, it takes 2-3 months for all of the agreements to be reached and signed in the Mediation process in California. San Diego Divorce Mediation & Family Law services the community of Coronado California and this timeframe is so much faster than a litigated divorce that takes more than two years. 

Q: Does Family Mediation Keep Our Property Private? 

A: Privacy and discretion are important to families in Coronado given the high assets and wealth many of our clients have in the community. Mediation is a private process compared to public court proceedings, ensuring your personal details remain confidential. 

Chula Vista Mediator Scott Levin

Marriage mediator Near Coronado

“As a San Diego family law attorney with compassion and care for your future and the well-being of the children, my clients achieve fair settlements with reasonable flat fee divorce attorney services. As a family law dispute resolution specialist, my Coronado divorce clients can protect their children and reach amicable co-parenting agreements to avoid the expensive and never ending litigation process. Move into your future with a less stressful amicable divorce process.” ~ Scott Levin, Chief Peacekeeper™

Fun Things for Families to Do in Coronado

Coronado, California, is a beautiful destination with a variety of family-friendly activities. Here are some of the best things to do:

1. Coronado Beach

  • Why Go: Known for its wide, sandy shores and gentle surf, it’s perfect for a family day out.

  • Activities: Building sandcastles, swimming, and picnicking.

Coronado Divorce mediator Scott Levin's children at Coronado Central Beach in August 2020

2. Coronado Ferry Landing

  • Why Go: The  Coronado Ferry Landing has places to eat, dine and shop – and features some of the best  views of San Diego’s skyline.

  • Activities: Ferry rides, shopping, and dining.

3. Hotel del Coronado

  • Why Go: A historic hotel with beautiful architecture and a rich history.

  • Activities: Guided tours, dining, and beach activities. During the winter, enjoy ice skating by the beach.

4. Coronado Tidelands Park

  • Why Go: A large park with plenty of open space, playgrounds, and scenic views.

  • Activities: Picnicking, playing on the playground, and biking along the pathways.

5. Silver Strand State Beach

  • Why Go: A less crowded alternative to Coronado Beach, with opportunities for camping.

  • Activities: Swimming, picnicking, and camping.

6. Lamb’s Players Theatre

  • Why Go: A local theater offering family-friendly performances.

  • Activities: Watching plays and musicals.

7. Spreckels Park

  • Why Go: A lovely park in the heart of Coronado, often home for community events.

  • Activities: Picnicking, playing on the playground, and attending concerts in the park.

8. Biking around Coronado

  • Why Go: The island (technically a peninsula, but it’s called an island by those who live there) is bike-friendly, and there are many scenic routes.

  • Activities: Renting bikes and exploring the island, including the Silver Strand Bikeway.

9. Coronado Public Library

  • Why Go: A great place for families with kids. The library is a perfect stop in the summer, when children’s reading programs and storytimes abound.

  • Activities: Reading, attending storytimes, and participating in library events.

10. Glorietta Bay Park

  • Why Go: A small park with a beach area and playground, perfect for young children.

  • Activities: Playing on the playground, having a picnic, and enjoying the bay.

11. Coronado Historical Association and Museum

  • Why Go: To learn about the history of Coronado and its significance.

  • Activities: Exploring exhibits and attending educational programs.

Be sure to pack sunscreen, water and snacks for your trips in and around Coronado with the kids.

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