Mediation Divorce Benefits Stay in Control

When you reach the end of the road in a marriage, how you decide to move on and formalize your separation is critically important. Your family means a lot to you. Your children are your number one priority, and you love your spouse. Despite that love, the two of you have decided to get a divorce. You appreciate each other, but feel that you’d be happier apart.

Divorce Through Mediation Benefits

The divorce may take a physical and emotional toll on you, your soon-to-be ex-spouse, and any children from the relationship. There is a more effortless and better way, divorce mediation. Choosing to work together through mediation will allow you to work through the divorce process together as a team and there are so many benefits to opting for this process and we’ve detailed many of them in blogs and vlogs on our website.

One of the most important benefits to opting for mediating your divorce is that doing so allows you to maintain control.  Control over costs of the process, the time it will take, and most importantly the outcome. Those opting for a litigated divorce inherently lose control as Chief PeaceKeeper™ Scott Levin explains in the video below. If you watch this video, you will learn about how the loss of control over costs of divorce cost one friend of Scott’s his business.  This person had to give his attorney his life’s work to pay for his $300,000 divorce fee.  Can you imagine giving away your businesses to your divorce attorney? Maintaining control during divorce is so important and opting for the mediation process allows you to do just this.

Negotiate Your Own Settlement In Mediation

In a Del Mar divorce mediation process, the benefits are immense for the family going through this transition, because the family can make this huge transition in a positive way instead of a destructive way.  The parties are in control of what will happen in the future and it is possible to learn how to co-parent and create a new family but one that is focused on the children and helping them thrive.

Often in litigation, people see their attorney as a gladiator – a fighter who will battle for them. This gladiator is often completely in control over the entire divorce and the client is just along for the ride. This is exactly how so many litigants completely lose control as the two attorneys, armed with their swords, battle it out before the judge.  The judge does not know your family, your situation, or what your values and goals are for the future. That judge in the black robe Is a stranger to your family, but with the power to makes these very important decisions for your family.  For some people, that is their best option, yet for most families it is better if they work with professionals in Mediation who will help them through this difficult transition and not wage a battle.