Doing Divorce Differently – Scott Levin Chief PeaceKeeper™

Chief PeaceKeeper™ and firm founder Scott Levin transitioned our law firm practice from divorce litigation to divorce mediation in order to stand for something well over a decade ago. Scott believed then and after more than a decade he now knows it with certainty that people can find solutions to their divorce voluntarily outside of court with the help of a trained, seasoned and intensely passionate attorney mediator.

Doing divorce differently for more than a decade has given our entire firm the honor of helping so many families divorce successfully through our peaceful, fair and affordable process. Our clients engage us together and work with Scott Levin to help resolve every aspect of the divorce. We meet during weekly 90 minute meetings and you discuss and consider and eventually agree on asset and debt division, custody and parenting issues, child and spousal support, and all the issues of divorce. But we do it as a team – we aren’t working to punish each other or rehash the past but rather to figure out creative, amicable solutions that help keep your money in your accounts.


“Don’t buy a couple litigators Teslas when you can arrive at these decisions yourselves and maintain control over the costs, time and outcome.” – Scott F. Levin, Chief PeaceKeeper™

Learn more about our divorce mediation services and how we can help you and your family through conflict resolution and mediation. Or contact us through email at or by phone at 858-255-1321.