No-Cost Divorce Webinar: The ABCs of Divorce With Vesta San Diego

Divorce Mediation Frequently Asked Questions

No-Cost Divorce Webinar: The ABCs of Divorce With Vesta San Diego

Tuesday April 28 at Noon
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San Diego’s best Divorce Mediator Scott Levin and Divorce Attorney, Puja Sachdev, CFLS, CDFA, will walk you through the divorce process and also cover common mistakes that people make and how to avoid them.

Financial Advisor Tanya Aure, JD, CDFA, will address key issues regarding the financial implications of your divorce and what things to be aware of while going through the process and afterward.

Divorce can be a challenging and complex process. This ONLINE workshop is designed to provide a simple explanation of the divorce process and is intended to demystify some of the key issues involved in a divorce. From the filing of a complaint for divorce to the trial of a contested divorce, the presenters will walk you through the steps of a divorce case.

Topics covered:

How is a divorce case started?
What types of divorces are there?
How are child custody cases handled?
What is the role of a guardian ad litem?
How is child support calculated?
What constitutes Marital Property and how is it divided?
How are debts divided?
Am I entitled to, or will I have to pay, spousal support?
Property division/equitable division of assets
How to maximize your financial settlement
Planning for your financial future
A brief presentation from each speaker will be followed by a question and answer segment.

Attendees will receive handouts outlining the topics covered.

There is no cost for attendance. Advance registration is required. We will email the Webinar link and the handouts to registrants prior to the online event.

Scott Levin is a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst and family law attorney who specializes exclusively in mediation. He works to help parties form a team and attack the problems they have as opposed to each other. If you want to form a team and take on the real issues of prenuptial agreements and divorce, Scott Levin is ready for the tip-off.