Child Custody Case San Diego – Judges Don’t Love Your Children

Child Custody San Diego – Judges Don’t Love Your Children

A good friend, Mark Hill of Pacific Divorce Management, LLC (and a financial genius) just recounted a great story. A couple could not figure out their custody issues and the Judge was at the end of his fuse when he asked, “Madam, do you love your children?” She of course stated yes. “Sir, do you love your children?” He replied yes your honor. “Well I do not love them and so go outside and figure this out!”

This speaks to the Court not being the best outlet for figuring out familial issues and also alludes to a dirty dirty dirty little secret of family law: YOU WILL VERY LIKELY SETTLE YOUR CASE OUTSIDE OF COURT! Just as this Judge demanded, most cases are settled on the proverbial courtroom steps. So why not try divorce mediation at the beginning of the process to resolve your dispute without the cost and stress and total destruction of litigation.

If you love your children and you can still see that your spouse or ex-spouse loves the children as well, mediation is a conflict resolution tool and process that exists to reduce stress, eliminate most of the cost of divorce, and allow both parties to walk out of the marriage together, proud of the compassion and love they showed each other.

San Diego Divorce Mediation & Family Law exclusively works in the divorce mediation context because peacekeeping and being is hard and you really must bathe in the practice, especially in the divorce context, in order to truly help families. So rather than spending so much of your energy and resources in litigation only to settle outside of a trial, you can start with mediation and capture all the benefits of the process while still ending up with a fair settlement.