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Scott Levin San Diego's Top Divorce Mediator & Chief Peacekeeper In The News

Scott Levin San Diego’s Top Divorce Mediator & Chief Peacekeeper In The News

Scott Levin San Diego’s Top Divorce Mediator & Chief Peacekeeper In The News

We’d like to update you about this week’s exciting news regarding Scott F. Levin and San Diego Divorce Mediation & Family Law.

Firstly, Scott was featured in a piece by Yahoo Finance   titled Scott Levin Chief Peacekeeper Shares The Benefits of Mediation Over Traditional Divorce Litigation. This feature article is yet another sign that Scott Levin and the Firm are garnering nationwide respect for our unique service and beliefs. Peacekeeping is difficult but very rewarding work that puts your futures and your children’s wellbeing ahead of your anger and desire to inflict pain.

Secondly, Scott would love for you to check out a very interesting interview he did for Psych in Real Life, a vibrant youtube show featuring Gabriel Arroyo, lead therapist at Soaring Families Counseling. This was a great interview by two top professionals who although serve patients and clients in very different ways, approach their practice with the same focus on love, respect, relationships and families first. Mr. Arroyo is an incredible therapist and person and we highly recommend that you watch this interview and get a sense for Scott and Gabriel’s work in the family and family law mediation worlds.



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Scott Levin is the founding partner of San Diego Divorce Mediation & Family Law (858-255-1321). He is an active member of The Academy of Professional Family Mediators and many other organizations that promote the benefits of family mediation. Scott is also a licensed attorney in the state of California as well as a leading Certified Divorce Financial Analyst in California. He chooses to practice in mediation because he believes that spouses and parents should stay in control of their own divorce terms and avoid conflict in court. Reducing conflict between divorcing parents can have a huge impact on the next generation of parents and he remains committed to helping clients creatively and peacefully attack the issues of divorce and not each-other. To schedule a free consultation, please visit