Post-Divorce Mediation: Who Needs it and Why

Whether you got divorced through a divorce lawyer, a divorce mediator, or a DIY kit, there might come a time when you need post-divorce mediation.

The reason why you might need mediation after your divorce is because life isn’t static. Life changes and the terms of the divorce (established years ago) may no longer be reasonable. Relevant changes often include changes in finances (loss of job, promotion to higher-paying job), changes in health or family structure (illness or aging-out of children), or relocation of one or both parents.

When one or more of the above occurs, it might be time to renegotiate the terms of the divorce. Here are some items which can be modified based on new information:

Child Support Modification
Renegotiation of child support is possible if there is significant changes in one or both incomes of the ex-spouses.

Child Custody Modification
As children grow their needs may change. As well, if a parent relocates out of the area, it may be necessary to adjust the parenting plan to better suit the new family structure.

Spousal Support Modification
If one or both parents experience changes in income (increase or decrease), it may warrant changes in spousal support payments to better reflect the finances of the current situation.

Amendments to Marital Settlement Agreement:
Some couples rush through a divorce so they can get away as fast as possible. However, after the dust settles and emotions are less charged, they realize that the terms of the divorce were less than perfect and they want changes to better reflect what they feel is fair.

Ideally, a divorce settlement should be well-drafted so it can withstand life’s ups and downs. But in reality, adjustments need to be made since no one can predict or anticipates all possible scenarios. Post-divorce mediation is necessary for many divorced couples.