Divorce Mediation and Effects on Healing

Scott Levin Chief PeaceKeeper™ and Rachel S. Ruby Divorce Mediation and Effects on Healing


In this episode of the Divorce to Bliss Podcast, we dive into understanding and transformation. In this conversation with mediation attorney Scott Levin, Rachel S. Ruby unravels the differences between mediation and litigation in divorce.

Discover crucial differences that make mediation a gentler, more compassionate alternative to traditional litigation. Scott delves into how mediation creates a safer space for individuals and their families, fostering an environment of collaboration over confrontation. The episode also sheds light on the supportive role mediation plays in facilitating a smoother transition to post-divorce life, offering a holistic approach that considers emotional well-being alongside legal proceedings.

Scott Levin, renowned as the Chief Peacekeeper™ in family law, emphasizes the importance of choosing a lawyer who shares this philosophy. Gain insights into why being a peacekeeper at heart is essential for a successful divorce, particularly when children are involved. Learn how his approach goes beyond legalities, focusing on the emotional impact of divorce and the importance of creating a positive foundation for the future.

Tune in to this episode to explore how mediation can be a transformative force, not just in legal proceedings but also in the healing journey that follows divorce. Scott Levin’s wisdom and experience offers a roadmap for a more harmonious divorce and a brighter post-divorce life.