Meet Our New Partner: Caroline Kelley of Cute with Kids

Life after divorce can be tricky to navigate, but this new chapter is an exciting opportunity to rebuild a happy and fulfilling life for yourself. Thinking positively about the future  is one way a divorce recovery coach can help. It’s important that you spend time healing and doing self-discovery so that you are able to form healthy new relationships that bring you happiness. That’s why we’ve partnered with Caroline Kelly, she is an expert in life after divorce and your biggest supporter in post-divorce recovery!

Caroline Kelley is a divorce recovery coach and mom of two young children. After experiencing a high conflict divorce, she created the platform CuteWithKids to help other single parents find balance and rebuild their lives after divorce. Stability after divorce provides a strong foundation for both parents and children. From adapting new routines and custody schedules, to setting boundaries and improving co-parenting communication, she meets clients where they are and helps them navigate their unique circumstances.

Caroline has worked with Talking Parents on multiple co-parenting campaigns. She holds a BA in English from Whitman College and a Multiple Subject Teaching Credential from Point Loma Nazarene University. Caroline’s experiences have made her the go to expert for putting single parents and their children on a successful path post divorce.