Advocate For Divorce Mediation in California – Peaceful Alternative to Litigation

Advocating For Divorce Mediation in California

The debate about family court litigation vs divorce mediation in California is as crucial and timely as ever.  In California, many couples choose to separate and divorce, but this process can be difficult and contentious if the parties involved don’t reach an amicable agreement.

The alternative is a harmful family court litigation system that could result in truly unfathomable terror

Divorce Mediation Resolves Disputes Through TeamWork

San Diego Divorce Mediation attorney Scott Levin preaches to clients that the process is not spouse versus spouse as in litigation, but rather spouse AND spouse versus the problems of divorce. The mediator and the two spouses spend time solving problems through creativity and dialogue. The problems are often the same — how to divide the community property, how to create a plan for the future financial well-being of the parties, and how to arrange for the shared parenting of children.

Advocating For Divorce Mediation in California is Crucial

Mediation provides a great opportunity for couples to negotiate the terms of their separation and divorce in a more peaceful and cooperative setting which allow for the parties to create their own court orders tailored to their unique needs and wants. This not only leads to an amicable divorce but an agreement that is honored by the parties because they had a hand in arriving at the terms. 

In this video blog post, we will discuss the key reasons, benefits and considerations couples must consider when confronting divorce. In the end, choosing divorce mediation in California is perhaps the most important decision you’ll ever make.  Chief Peacekeeper™ divorce mediation lawyer Scott Levin has worked as a leading California divorce mediation attorney for two decades and offers an alternative perspective of divorce based on the hundreds of couples he works with each year. Divorce certainly can be toxic and awful but the peaceful alternative often produces a respectful and fair dissolution.


As Divorce Lawyers Who Mediate Rather than Litigate, We Stand for Peace

Advocating for divorce mediation in California is important in promoting peaceful divorces and providing couples facing no fault divorce in California with an effective alternative to costly court battles.

Divorce is a challenging and emotional process for everyone involved, especially children. However, by opting for divorce mediation in California, parents can minimize the negative impact of their separation on their children, their futures, and their own emotional sanity. 

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