Scott Levin Featured On – San Diego Divorce Mediation

Scott Levin Featured On – San Diego Divorce Mediation

Chief PeaceKeeper™ and Founding Partner of San Diego Divorce Mediation, Scott Levin, recently published an article on the prestigious The article has been universally praised by mediators and decried by some litigators whose feelings have been hurt.

The article, titled Can You Be a Litigator and a Mediator? is about Scott’s belief that family law mediation is its own profession and that only those dedicated to the profession of peacekeeping should practice in the arena. This hurts the feelings of some litigating friends of ours because the point of the article is that you can’t effectively litigate and then turn off those fright or fight instincts to help parties effectively and amicably divorce through mediation.

We encourage you to read the article and would love to hear your feedback.

About Chief PeaceKeeper™ Scott F. Levin
Scott Levin is the founding partner of San Diego Divorce Mediation & Family Law (858-255-1321). Mr. Levin is an active member of The Academy of Professional Family Mediators and many other organizations that promote the benefits of family mediation. Scott is also a licensed attorney in the state of California as well as a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst. He chooses to practice as a mediator to help clients reduce conflict and stay out of court.

It’s hard to be a peaceful shark…