How To Divide A Pension During California Divorce

San Diego divorce mediator Scott Levin sits down for an interview with Certified Divorce Financial Analyst Laurie Itkin to discuss the process, considerations and options available to divide a pension in divorce. A similar video featuring Laurie and Scott on the topic of how a 401k Retirement Account is Divided In Divorce

Many people consider trading their share of the pension in a divorce in exchange for other assets. To do this, you must value the pension at present day and this process is fraught with uncertainty.

Pension plans are often very sizable marital assets and there are many things that must be considered in exploring the options for how these are to be shared in a divorce with the help of San Diego divorce mediation.

As discussed in this video, it is crucial that parties really explore options for the division of pension in depth before making a final decision and that is exactly what is done during the divorce mediation process. Once an agreement is reached as to the way the pension will be divided, the parties then need to secure a QDRO in order for that agreement to be effective and accounted for.