Benefits of Our Male & Female Co-Mediation Team At San Diego Family Law Mediation

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Benefits of Our Male & Female Co-Mediation Team At San Diego Family Law Mediation

When we think of mediation in the context of the business world, we might imagine contract disputes, dissolutions of partnerships, or other seemingly minor conflicts. In fact, anytime people are involved, emotions are part of the landscape. A failed joint business venture may strain friendships and put incredible stress on the marriages and personal lives of the once-optimistic business partners. Mediation may be the answer in those types of cases precisely because emotions are running hot and may be keeping the parties from seeing each side of the case objectively. Experienced mediators know how to make upset litigants feel heard. This is a necessary prerequisite for resolution in nearly all disputes.
In the context of marriage dissolution and post-divorce family conflict, emotions always run high. At our offices, our objective is to allow both parties to feel heard and be heard and to strategically discuss and explore all possible options. We like to say that the hard conversations take place in our offices with our female-male co-mediation teams. We provide both sexes in mediation because we understand that one mediator won’t always have a path forward. Two people give you the best possible outcome and that is why we provide two mediators in every case that sit with you and your spouse to aid you in reaching an agreement.

The Mediation Process

Other benefits of our mediation services include:

Reduced Costs
We will file your petition, help you figure out all aspects of your divorce, and draft and file the marital settlement agreement for around $5000. This cost is about 10% of what you and your spouse will pay/waste in litigation fees if you go to court to fight it out.

Confidential & No Court Required
By reaching an agreement through mediation, you don’t have to file any financial documents with the court, and in fact, you never actually have to even go to court. Everything takes place in our office is centrally located in San Diego and the documents remain confidential.

Retain Outside Counsel
We encourage our clients to retain a family law attorney to help advise them and review the marital settlement agreement. So you can still engage a lawyer to represent you in mediation.

Decisions are made by the parties – not mandated by a Judge, evaluator, or arbitrator. The parties determine the process, schedule, and dates of appointments. We are open on the weekends and at night and so you don’t have to miss work or inconvenience yourselves and your children.

Less Animosity – Focus on the Future
Everyone gets heard in mediation and this reduces anger and conflict. Working cooperatively towards a result that you and your spouse can live with will heal your soul and allow you and/or your family to thrive sooner.

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