3 Ways Mediation Allows You To Thrive When Dating After Divorce

Regardless of the circumstances, there is no denying that going through a divorce or separation is challenging and when traumatic, can make you never want to let love in again. Mentally, emotionally and financially.. it can take a toll on you and alter your view of dating after divorce. But it doesn’t have to!

When you choose to use mediation for your divorce, it allows you to maintain control over the costs, process, time, and overall outcome. Instead of letting this transition happen in a destructive way, you are able to keep the peace, eliminating any trauma and drama anyone in the family may experience. Especially when the divorcee does decide to begin dating again.

Do you ever really feel ready to start dating after divorce? While your past relationships have taught you much about what you want or don’t want in a partner and yourself, being able to smoothly go through a divorce makes you more open and willing to date since you are left with a positive outlook on the difficult situation.

Here are 3 reasons why mediation allows you thrive when dating after divorce!

Absence of divorce trauma leaves you with a positive outlook on love

As you may very well know, going through a difficult divorce can be psychologically traumatic because the individual could feel shocked and powerless to the event. Leaving you with feelings of confusion, pain, and deep, emotional scarring. Since mediation allows you to maintain control of the process there are no surprises and you apart of the decision making every step of the way. When the process doesn’t leave individuals with with a negative view of love and relationships, people are naturally going to be more open to accepting love, and welcoming someone new into their lives. It may even create a sense of a fresh start, leaving individuals eager to get back into the dating pool.

A quick divorce allows you to quickly start the process of healing and self-love

Since mediation does not take as long litigation by removing several court appearances and other time consuming factors, you are able to quickly get through the separation process. As a result, this allows you start your post-divorce healing journey quicker. While this does looks different for each individual, this is an important step that allows for a true experience of self-love and acceptance.

Using mediation removes the chance of any lingering baggage

The biggest benefit of using mediation is that you get to keep control of the situation and when deciding how property is divided, how child custody and visitation is set up, how spousal and child support is appointed, and everything in between! This means that not asset or valuable gets skipped and left to determine at a later time. When everything is settled, you are not left with any lingering baggage or additional issues to sort out post divorce. This allows you to have a clean slate and have more confidence when you do decide to start dating after divorce.

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