Eldercare Mediation

As the baby boomer generation ages, more and more adult children are faced with the situation of aging parents. That’s when eldercare mediation can help.

Chief PeaceKeeper™ Scott Levin 0:01
Hey, everybody, this is Scott Levin chief peacekeeper™, I just wanted to check in and kind of give a quick update on something that I recently worked on, that was pretty cool. A couple of weeks ago, somebody called me who was in the need of mediation regarding the long-term care of their elderly mother, it was a really complicated matter with, you know, issues, I have gone back 25 years on each side between the siblings. And this is really becoming more and more common, you know, as, as, as our parents really age when we’re in our 60s and 70s. And our parents are nearing the triple digits, you know, how are we going to care for their mental and physical well being, and oftentimes siblings have different ideas about, you know, how that care will be provided, and what type of care is acceptable, and those issues are exacerbated, the conflict can arise when one or more of the siblings are more fluent, then maybe one or more of the others. So when, when the less of fluent siblings really want to provide top-notch care, but that care has to be really provided by, you know, in terms of the financial commitment, by the other, you know, sibling or siblings, you know, it’s a really difficult issue. And a lot of people end up in litigation over and honestly, I’ve seen it happen a lot of times, it’s a growing practice for a lot of my litigation, friends. So how we worked in is we, we basically opened up communication, you know, communication is the key in any mediation, so you open up a dialogue, you potentially get some good ideas from an experienced mediator on, you know, some options for how this could be solved, taking into consideration everybody’s opinion, and, and you drop the BS about this being, you know, one way or the other side being the devil. You know, you don’t love Mom, you don’t love dad as I do. You can’t take care of them like I can, etc. You got to drop the Bs, the name-calling look, we all love our parents, and no matter what, no matter how big of a pain in the ass they become, as as they age, or just if you’d have if they’re, if they’re ornery in general or have opinions we all love mom and dad. So let’s stop saying that one of us is better than the other. And let’s address the issues and the options. You know, where can he or she live? At whose home? How much will that cost? Who’s what will be a reasonable way to divide those costs? Are there any vendor veteran opportunities, you know, for assistance from the government? What’s the best way to handle social security? I mean, these are all just, you know, things that need to be talked about. So anyway, Scott Levin, Chief peacekeeper™. It was a great case to work on worked out great. You could read the reviews on my Yelp account from both sides of this case they both left really kind and heartwarming reviews. So thank you, and I’ll check back soon. Scott Levin chief peacekeeper™

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