San Diego Consulting Divorce Attorney

Founding attorney mediator Scott Levin is all about effective and empathetic divorce resolution. Scott believes that clients and people are best off when they can move through the divorce process without getting stuck in a prolonged, expensive court battle. Given his decades of expertise and experience working as a mediation attorney, Scott is uniquely positioned to help clients as a San Diego consulting divorce attorney to provide guidance and advice. 

In this role as a San Diego Divorce Consulting Attorney, Scott’s unique combination of legal prowess and understanding of the mediation process allows him to help clients gain advantages in the negotiation of divorce settlements. 


When To Hire a Consulting Attorney for Divorce

Not long ago, Scott worked with a father named Ryan (name changed). When Ryan came to us seeking help, he and his wife were already three sessions into their divorce mediation with another mediator. However, Ryan was being pushed to agree to a child support and custody settlement that was extremely unfair and inequitable. That’s when Ryan came to Scott Levin for help. 

As a mediator, Scott Levin acts as a neutral third party who facilitates discussions between the divorcing spouses. Yet in this case, his role was as a divorce consulting attorney, acting as an advocate for Ryan in his mediation. Scott helped him rebut mistakes made by the mediator and coached him on how to approach negotiations in the meditation. The result was a much-improved financial, parenting and support agreement.   

Consulting Divorce Legal SErvices

Provide Legal Expertise 

Having the legal acumen and background in family law allows Scott Levin to examine a proposed financial settlement or custody agreement and determine whether it is aligned with California law. For example, in Ryan’s case, the proposed custody agreement had Ryan with his child for only 25 percent of the time. 

As a divorce consulting attorney for Ryan, Scott was able to show how California law promotes equal parenting time whenever appropriate. This helped Ryan confidently rebut the custody proposal to ultimately receive 50% parenting time. 

Provide Tailored Legal Advice

Unlike mediation, as a consulting attorney, attorney Scott Levin can provide specific legal advice to one party. This dual role means Scott can guide the client on legal matters and provide language and strategy for the individual to advocate for themselves in the mediation process. 

Provide Enhanced Communication to Clients

Effective communication is crucial in divorce. Because I’ve been a family law mediator for more than ten years, I understand the nuances of the process. I can explain and articulate concerns and legal terms clearly. This, in turn, prevents misunderstandings and conflicts and helps the client go into the mediation with a deeper understanding of the process.

Provide Cost-Effective Solutions 

Divorce is expensive. And while most couples do not want to pay for both a mediator and an attorney, having Scott Levin as a consulting attorney can actually help a spouse save thousands of dollars in the long term. For example, when we worked with Ryan and reviewed the prepared calculation for child support, Scott identified numerous errors (including Ryan’s income being calculated incorrectly) that would have resulted in Ryan owing more support than required. Ryan then took the child support information into his mediation session and was able to rebut the mediator’s figures and reduced his support by more than 40 percent! This work as a divorce consulting attorney saved Ryan more than $54,000 annually.

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If you are in search of an exceptional San Diego Divorce Lawyer with a specialization in mediation, look no further than Scott Levin. To initiate a consultation or to gain more insights into our consulting legal services for those seeking advice because they are in the midst of divorce mediation or are not formally represented by an attorney, schedule free consultation with San Diego Divorce Mediation & Family Law at 858-255-1321. Begin your journey towards a peaceful divorce resolution today. Scott Levin combines legal expertise, a deep understanding of finance, and a passion for harmonious conflict resolution, making him a great attorney for those facing the complexities of divorce in San Diego.