How To Celebrate Holidays After Divorce

How to Celebrate Holidays After Divorce


Create New Holiday Traditions

Navigating the festive season during a divorce or separation can feel like trekking through a snowstorm – challenging, cold, and seemingly impossible. But from our personal experiences, Kelly Myers and I, Scott Levin, want to ensure you that it’s possible to steer this storm with grace and create a holiday season filled with warmth and joy, especially for the children involved. This video is your guide on how to transform the traditional holiday customs, which might be tinged with memories of the past, into new traditions that are equally special.

Focus on Kids In Deciding How To Share Holidays

Can a divorce be a catalyst for reshaping your family life in a positive way? It’s a provocative thought and yet that’s exactly what we delve into during our discussion. We highlight the importance of shielding your children from the conflict, emphasizing that a strong foundation can be built even in the aftermath of a divorce. As we wind up with our wishes for a joyful holiday season, remember that these trying times can be opportunities for growth, new beginnings, and forging happy memories. Tune in to get inspired on how to turn the page to a new chapter of your family life that’s filled with positivity.

Next Steps For California Divorce

Take a breath. One of the hardest conversations you will have throughout your divorce is over.

Next up is to start moving the process forward. You’ll need to find a quality attorney. Someone who will look at the journey and not just the end result. An attorney who knows and understands the impact of divorce on children and how to ease this process.

As a family law firm dedicated to helping couples mediate divorce, we do divorce right. We do not believe that divorce has to be a stressful and upsetting time. We work to provide first-class service that guides you through the process and helps you to start your post-divorce life.

If you are getting divorce in California, then please get in touch with Scott Levin, our founder. Complete the contact form on our contact page to schedule a Strategy Session. We will help make the legal process easy, so you can focus on moving positively into your future.