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Unbundled Legal Services

Unbundled Legal Services
Unbundled Legal Services

A LITTLE HELP GOES A LONG WAY – pay for what you need
What is Unbundled Legal Services?

Married couples who want a divorce are turning to the internet for help. In addition to online resources, there are DIY kits that allow you to file the paperwork yourself. If you have a simple marriage and both parties are interested in getting a divorce without drama, these online or DIY kits can work quite well.

However, life is never so simple. Even though both parties agree to an amicable divorce, issues may arise where you wish you had an attorney to advise you. This is where San Diego Mediation can help. We offer Unbundled Legal Services where you pay only for the legal advice which you need. It’s the best of both worlds: proceed with the divorce yourself and consult with us only when you need to.

For example, before you sign on the dotted line, you may wish to consult a lawyer for these issues:

  • you need a document to be read or explained so you can understand it better,
  • you want an expert to review your proposed child custody agreement to make sure it is fair,
  • you want to know what a specific law means and how it can be applied to your particular case,
  • you are heading into a Court-ordered mediation and you have questions such as what to wear, how you should speak, and what to expect,
  • your DIY divorce is not working and you need a lawyer to help take the divorce to completion,
  • you have completed the steps in a DIY divorce and you want a lawyer to look at it one more time before you submit the paperwork.

If this describes your situation, our office can help. Simply give us a call and we can discuss your specific issue and give confidential legal advice for this matter, and then send you on your way. If you never need our help again, great news. But if another issue arises one week, one month or one year later, contact us again for follow up advice.

Scott Levin, CDFA is committed to helping parties resolve their disputes through neutral, professional and competent mediation services.

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