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Scripps Ranch Family Law Center

Scripps Ranch Family Law Center

Scripps Ranch Family Law Center

Despite what you see on television, a divorce does not necessarily involve going to court and battling it out with your partner.  Scripps Ranch Family Law Center and experienced mediator Scott Levin, CDFA can help you resolve conflicts so that you don’t need to sue one another.  Most couples who are getting a divorce will have issues as to how they will divide the assets (house, car, monies), and how the parents will share the children.  Scott has the ability to help couples through even the most complex property and parenting issues.  Even though you will never be in love with your spouse again, you can still get a divorce in a civilized manner.  Let us help!

What We Offer

First and foremost, we offer you the opportunity to find a divorce settlement that is agreeable to both parties.
• We specialize in mediation and don’t do anything else, so we have a lot of experience in the process.
• Every couple/divorce is different and we will personalize your meditation sessions to match your situation.
• Our mediators have experience and knowledge of the law, finance, mental health, and coaching.
• We offer free consultation so you can decide if mediation is right for you.
• The meditation room is private, comfortable, neutral, and unintimidating.
• We offer flexible meeting times throughout the day including evenings and weekends.
• Our prices are very fair and the service is stellar.
• Mediation can be in English or Spanish.

About Scott Levin, CDFA Mediator and Family Law Attorney

Scott is both a mediator and a family law attorney. This puts him in a special situation where he can help couples come to an agreement and at the same time, he knows if the agreement is legal or not. Keep in mind that even though two people may agree on an issue, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s in accordance with the law. Uncontested divorces do need to be approved by a judge so having a mediator who understands the law is useful.

After years of working in litigation, Scott realized that he prefers to help negotiate agreements rather than help couples fight one another in the court of law. Mediated divorces tend to get better outcomes for the entire family.  This is especially important for the children who are often in the middle of the dispute. Mutually agreeable resolutions allow both parties to walk away feeling that they got what they wanted.  In the long run, this is a better strategy compared to a one-sided victory.

Please contact a Scott Levin by Email or telephone to learn more about divorce, mediation, and family law: (858) 255-1321.