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Scripps Ranch Divorce Mediation

Scripps Ranch Divorce Mediation

Scripps Ranch Divorce Mediation

Scott Levin, CDFA is a Scripps Ranch divorce mediation specialist. One of his jobs is to get couples to come to the table and work towards an agreeable divorce settlement. First, the couple needs to agree to come to the mediation session and approach the process with the hope of finding a compromise. Mediation is a voluntary process, so no one is forced to attend, but it is hoped that if you attend the meeting, it is because you too hope to find a way to resolve your differences. Mediation is not very useful if one or both parties refuse to negotiate. You must come with the willingness to at least listen to what the other side has to offer. Mediation is almost always cheaper than taking your partner to court.

A divorce mediator can be very helpful because he or she is neutral and can see the “bigger picture”. A mediator is not trapped in a web of emotions and years and years of history. A mediator can often see the problem (because he or she isn’t a part of the problem) and suggest ways to resolve the issues All good mediators have certain attributes or skills.

Attributes of a Good Mediator

◘ listens to both parties and can identify the underlying problems,
◘ are patient and lets both parties have a chance to air out their concerns,
◘ are neutral and do not take sides as to who is right or wronged,
◘ exercise tactfulness and avoids saying things that don’t help the overall process,
◘ are active in moving the process forward and not just a passive listener,
◘ are flexible and creative to find ways to overcome problems,
◘ and are persistent because there is a way forward, you just have to work a little harder to get there.

People seeking mediation need to realize that the goal is not “winner takes all”. Rather we wish for both parties to feel like they won something, or find a compromise that both can “live with”. Negotiations by definition will require that you give up some things but in doing so, you gain something else. In the case of a divorce, your endgame is an amicable divorce that is painless, prompt, and affordable.

Let Scripps Ranch Divorce Mediation help you get a divorce settlement that both parties agree with. Please contact Scott Levin, CDFA by Email or telephone to learn more: (858) 255-1321.