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Scripps Ranch Divorce Lawyer

Scripps Ranch Divorce Lawyer

Scripps Ranch Divorce Lawyer

Most people don’t realize that there are different ways to get divorced. How you get divorced depends on a number of factors including:
◘ how long you have been married,
◘ whether you have children or not,
◘ how much money and assets you have,
◘ why you are getting divorced in the first place, and
◘ whether you and your spouse are willing to work together to find an agreeable divorce settlement.

Contested and Uncontested Divorce

The type of divorce which ends with couples in court fighting it out and spending a lot of money on lawyer fees is a “Contested Divorce”.
On the other hand, a divorce where the couple agrees to a divorce settlement without going to court is called an “Uncontested Divorce”. Uncontested divorces are less expensive and they are also less stressful. The willingness to compromise and negotiate will allow the couple to separate without a full-blown court battle which is both financially and emotionally draining.

Summary and Default Divorces

A default divorce happens when one person files for divorce and the partner does not respond. After a certain amount of time, the divorce is granted in absentia. This type of divorce happens usually because the spouse cannot be found.
A “simple” or “summary” divorce happens when two people agree to divorce and there are no children, and no assets to divide. This type of divorce usually happens to a couple who are married for a short period of time and they agree to a quick, no fuss divorce.

Divorce by Mediation or Arbitration

Here, the couple wants to get divorced, but they have trouble agreeing to a divorce settlement. In the case of Divorce Mediation, a professional mediator is hired to help bring the two sides together. The mediator is neutral and s/he uses problem-solving skills to get the couple to a compromise. Arbitration is similar to Mediation except that the person who is helping the couple is a private judge called an arbitrator. The Judge listens to both sides and makes a judgment that is fair and neither favors the wife or husband. Arbitration allows couples to get a judgment without going to court.

Divorce is rarely as easy as the “Simple” divorce, and it is rarely as difficult as the “Contested” divorce. Please contact a Scripps Ranch Divorce Lawyer by Email or telephone to learn more about divorce in California: (858) 255-1321.