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Scripps Ranch Child Custody Lawyer

Scripps Ranch Child Custody Lawyer

Scripps Ranch Child Custody Lawyer

During a divorce, one area which parents argue over is child custody and visitation rights. Where will the children live? Who will pay for their livelihood? Which church will the child attend?  What happens if a child prefers to be with one parent more than the other? Do the children have a choice as to who they will live with? A Scripps Ranch Child Custody Lawyer can answer these questions and explain to you how a judge grants custody and visitation rights.

Types of Child Custody

Legal Custody: If a parent has legal custody, it means they can make legal decisions regarding how the child will be raised.

Physical Custody: If a parent has physical custody, it means that the child can live with that parent.

Sole Custody: If a parent has sole custody, it means that the parent has 100% legal and physical custody of the child. The other parent has neither legal or physical rights. However, in most cases, the other parent will still have visitation rights. If necessary, visitation can be “supervised” by an adult to ensure safety.

Shared Custody: Shared custody or joint custody means that both parents are involved in raising the child. It can be joint physical custody, joint legal custody, or joint legal and physical custody.

Judges make their decision based on what is best for the child. If one parent is abusive, violent, or has a drug/alcohol problem, then the judge may give sole custody to the responsible parent. However, barring any extreme behavior, most judges prefer shared custody so the children get to spend time with both parents.

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