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San Diego Virtual Divorce Mediation

San Diego Virtual Divorce MediationSan Diego Virtual Divorce Mediation

Scott Levin, CDFA is pleased to offer San Diego Virtual Divorce Mediation. With today’s technology and almost universal access to the internet, there’s no need to be physically in the same room to conduct divorce mediation. As always, here at San Diego Divorce Mediation & Family Law, we aim for a HEALTHY DIVORCE that is fair, private, and respectful. What better way to achieve this than by remote conferencing.

Virtual Divorce Mediation

The decision to end your marriage can be devastating; however, the process does not have to be traumatic. Virtual Divorce Mediation is an affordable and smart way to resolve family law issues before, during and after a divorce. Both parties are present in a three-way conference where Scott, the mediator will help you find a way towards a fair and timely divorce.

Virtual meetings are confidential: participants need to find a quiet space that is private so that mediation can be conducted without outside distractions. Scott uses Zoom, a free software program that allows participants to join the virtual meeting from their desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone. Participants do not need to sign up for a Zoom account, you simply join a meeting as a guest or invitee.

Benefits of Divorce Mediation

Whether you choose to have virtual divorce mediation or an in-person session, mediation has many benefits compared to litigation (taking legal action). Almost all family law lawyers will agree that resolution through mediation is faster, less traumatic, and often less costly. Typically, divorce mediation has these features:

◘ The setting is informal and more relaxed.
◘ Meeting times are mutually agreed upon and not set by the Court
◘ There are no (stressful) Court Appearances
◘ Divorcing couple learns to work cooperatively, which will help them in the future
◘ Ample opportunity to discuss issues until a resolution is achieved.
◘ Discussions are confidential without outside viewers (judge, legal staff).
◘ Personal details (finances, grievances) are not discussed in a public setting.
◘ Divorcing couple makes the final decisions, not a judge
◘ Results are based on what the clients agree upon and not decided for them (by a judge).

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