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Post Nuptial Agreement San Diego

Post Nuptial Agreement San DiegoJust like a prenuptial agreement, a post nuptial agreement also has the same meaning but the only difference is that this one is made when a marriage has already been done. Prenuptial can be made when the couple has not formalized the marriage but with post nuptial agreement, the marriage must have been formalized. The post nuptial agreement is often made when the couple already has assets and any other forms of wealth obtained over the years when they were legally married. It is important to mention that couples can hardly enter into a prenuptial agreement when they have minimal assets/wealth. The goal of our post nuptial agreement San Diego services is to make sure that what has been accumulated over the years while in marriage is safeguarded.

What to Consider in the Agreement:

Prior to seeking a lawyer’s help, a couple that intends to enter into a post nuptial agreement should take the following factors into consideration:

◘ They should discuss their present assets and debts including future opportunities that can earn them some moneys.

◘ They should discuss their present financial status and each other’s habit of spending while in marriage.

◘ Two lawyers should help both of you have an understanding of how the properties will be shared after the demise of one of the couple. This should be duly signed after agreeing. The reason why post nuptial agreement requires two lawyers is for the sake of the protection of each one of you independently.

◘ The contract should be kept in a place where each one is able to peruse every now and then especially when there is any financial issue. When one of the couple of both moves to a different state, they should make sure that the new law doesn’t affect them. If there is a change, post nuptial agreement lawyers can offer assistance.

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