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Divorce Litigators Dance But Few Actually Try Cases - Benefits of Divorce Mediation

Divorce Mediation Is A Smart Option For People Wanting Amicable Settlements That Save Time, Money & Heartache

Divorce Litigators Dance But Few Actually Try Cases – Benefits of Divorce Mediation

If you are considering a divorce or if your partner is doing more of the thinking for you, there are options for how to proceed and choosing the right option is the key to your next two years of life. Do you litigate with lawyers in Court and engage in a battle with your spouse? Or do you try working collaboratively to find solutions to the “issues of divorce” through mediation? There are more than two paths but let’s stick to these two primary routes for now.

Don’t think mediation is possible due to the drama, history, fighting and tension that exists between you and your spouse at present? Think again. Here is a review left by a client of ours in October 2022 and this client very much had a high-conflict divorce situation with very complicated financial, emotional and child issues. But guess what? Working with Scott Levin, THE CHIEF PEACEKEEPER, they arrived at an amicable settlement that saved them years and a $100,000 in legal fees, and protected their children from ongoing tension.

San Francisco Divorce Mediation 5-star Review

San Francisco Divorce Mediation 5-star Review


Let’s assume for now that you don’t even want to propose the option of mediation to your spouse and you each hire litigation attorneys to represent your interests and defeat the other in court. What will actually happen?

Trial Lawyers Fight. Litigators Dance – What Does a Divorce Litigator Do?

Trial lawyers fight in the courtroom, while litigators tend to dance around it. And the vast majority of divorce litigation attorneys in California have tried a case. What then you may ask do they do?

Litigators typically have little or no experience making opening and closing statements or questioning witnesses when everything is on the line during trial and even fewer have ever sat at the table next to a client painstakingly awaiting a decision after a long, drawn-out trial.

By generally avoiding the courtroom and the real combat associated with it, litigation firms rack up the hours billed, paper generated and depositions taken. After much time is expended with theatric performances, the litigators sit down, settle the case, and go home. This means that you go through the motions but in reality the possibility of going to trial is never seriously accepted or desired. No offense to my litigation friends but the statistics don’t lie – divorce trials are rare and proceeding to an actual judgment rendered by a court without settlement is even rarer.

90% Of Legal Disputes Settle Without Trial – Mediation Is The Smart Alternative To Settle On Your Terms

It is highly unlikely that divorce case will end with a trial and a ruling by the Judge. So why do the litigation dance when you can achieve better results in a more cost-effective, less time consuming, less emotionally damaging way?

When you hire Scott Levin as your California divorce mediator, you get the care and compassion of someone who genuinely wants to help both sides achieve an amicable settlement that protects your kids and keeps the money in the family and away from the litigation system. You also can simultaneously engage a consulting attorney to help advise you and give you advice if desired. So you aren’t without the right to hire an attorney if you opt for Divorce Mediation in San Diego.

By opting to mediate a divorce, our clients control the outcome and terms of settlement, control their divorce costs and the time it takes to resolve the divorce in mediation. They also protect their kids by choosing to work collaboratively with their spouse to mediate divorce and also protect their money and save themselves from an emotionally charged and damaging fight that will … end in settlement.

If you really are dedicated to the idea of going to battle, find a litigating attorney willing and experienced in trial work and not just someone who will do the dance without intending on going all the way. To litigate and settle after you’ve spent much money and time and creating tension that harms your kids, that is just a total waste given that you could achieve a good settlement through divorce mediation in San Diego and benefit from the time and money and heartache savings by settling upfront before the dance begins.

Fore more information, contact Scott Levin to schedule a free consultation to learn how we help clients through divorce mediation.