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California Fast Divorce Lawyer

California Fast Divorce Lawyer

California Fast Divorce Lawyer

A divorce can be stressful and if things don’t go smoothly, it can go on for a long time. To avoid costly lawyer bills you want a California fast divorce lawyer. Divorce can be as fast or as slow as you and your partner make it. The trick is to set up a scenario where a divorce can be accomplished somewhat quickly, somewhat painlessly, and somewhat cheaply. You want both parties to walk away somewhat happy, or at least, not terribly unhappy.

Starting from the “easiest” to the “hardest”, here is a partial list of the different types of divorce that you may be involved in:

Default Divorce

A default divorce is when one person files for divorce and the other person doesn’t respond. This happens mostly when the other partner is missing or can’t be found. The courts will approve the divorce in absentia.

Summary Divorces

A “simple” or “summary” divorce is usually pretty fast. This happens when a couple agrees to a divorce, there are no children or assets to contend with, and neither parties want spousal support. This type of fast-track divorce often happens to people who were married for a very short period of time.

Uncontested Divorce

If you have children and property, you can still get divorced in an amicable manner. If both parties agree on the terms of the divorce, then you have an uncontested divorce. Here, it’s just a matter of filling up the forms, filing the paperwork, and waiting for the process to go through. Even though you both agree on the divorce and the terms of the divorce, you still need a Judge to approve the divorce before it is official. This type of divorce is what a California Fast Divorce Lawyer might hope to achieve: a divorce that is not too messy and doesn’t drag on too long.

Divorce by Mediation

For most couples, agreeing to the terms of the divorce can be hard. Emotions are running high and blame is being thrown everywhere. In this case, a mediator might help: he or she can help couples find a compromise. The goal of a mediator is to help find a path forward and achieve an uncontested divorce.

Divorce by Arbitration

Like Mediation, Arbitration requires that you bring in a third, neutral party to help you get divorced without going to court. Here, the Arbitrator is a private judge, he will listen to your situation and make a judgment. Having a judge make a ruling can be more effective because s/h knows the law and is fair.

Contested Divorce

Probably the worst kind of divorce is the Contested Divorce where both parties do not agree. They either don’t agree to the divorce, or they don’t agree to the terms of the divorce. Here, both parties will need to hire lawyers, appear in court and go through the arduous process of suing each other. Messy and not fast at all.

San Diego Family Law and Mediation

One way to get an effective divorce is by getting a lawyer who is also a mediator like Scott Levin, CDFA. He can help you get an uncontested divorce by using problem-solving strategies to resolve issues. Please contact us by Email or telephone to learn more about California fast divorce lawyer: (858) 255-1321.