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About Us


About Us

Scott Levin, CDFA is a mediator in private practice who specializes in negotiating fair settlements based on informed client consent. A lawyer who graduated from the University of Virginia School of Law, Mr. Levin practiced law for more than 10 years at major international law firms and in his own private practice. After years of experiencing the destructive legal structure facing divorcing couples, Mr. Levin made the choice to put clients first.

Along with an experienced, trained, and caring staff, our office will focus on your goals and personal needs while controlling costs and emotional stress. We can’t guarantee a particular result but you can count on us to always follow up and return your phone calls so that we may solve your problems and maximize results.

Mr. Levin’s clients are quite unique and our practice is not for everyone. We bring both parties to the divorce together in one room for a series of mediations. Clients generally face complex property and support issues and/or delicate matters involving parenting their children. It is possible for two people dissolving a union to work through these matters with Mr. Levin’s guiding hand and you need not fall prey to an industry that encourages conflict, blowing up of the family unit, and high court fees.

Mr. Levin utilizes his extensive legal, business, mediation, and negotiation experience to offer clients high-quality professional services in his mediation practice. We serve individuals and business owners who want to maintain control over their own lives in a private setting that will accelerate the resolution of all issues with reasonable fees. After the agreement is reached, our office will prepare all court papers, deeds, and other documents. Learn more about us by calling San Diego Divorce and Family Law at (858) 255-1321 or contact us by email using this online form.

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